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ONLINE HyperStudy

DOE, Fit (Approximation), Optimization and Stochastic Studies

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    This is an introductory course teaching the use of HyperStudy to do design of experiments (DOE), fit (approximations), optimization, and stochastic studies. Study setup, study approaches, methods/techniques, applications and post-processing are covered.

    Class Format
    • Online, Instructor led
    • 5 days — each session being 2 hours from 1 – 3 PM (EST)
    • Presentation and hands-on exercises

    A basic knowledge of CAE

    • Study setup: parameterization of models, defining design variables, models and responses.
    • Approach setup: setting up design of experiments (DOE), fit (approximations), optimization and stochastic approaches.
    • Examples: hands-on applications of DOE, fit, optimization and stochastics approaches.
    • Methods: discussion of methods/techniques based on the examples.
    • Post-processing: interpretation of results from different study approaches.
    • Other topics that are covered include but not limited to: Discussion of differences between OptiStruct, structural concept design and optimization and HyperStudy methods and applications; How to use non-HyperWorks solvers such as Abaqus, LS-Dyna, Excel, etc.; Handling of non-standard variables and responses via customization

    Suggested Follow-up Courses
    • HyperMesh/HyperMorph
    • OptiStruct Optimization
    • HyperMath

Upcoming Dates
August 10, 2020
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