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OptiStruct for Non-Linear Analysis

Non-Linear Static and Quasi-Static Analysis This is an introductory course for using OptiStruct to solve nonlinear problems. This course covers both the theoretical extensions of nonlinear static assumptions to include nonlinear behavior as well as the practical applications of those concepts in the OptiStruct solver. The material focuses on approaching implicit solutions as a superset of linear statics rather than as a subset of explicit cases and is focused on users with an established background in FEA linear statics.

Class Format
  • 1 day
  • Instructor-led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises
  • One student to a computer


OptiStruct for Linear Analysis

  • Small vs. Large Deformation Theory
  • Explicit vs. Implicit Solution Types
  • Geometric Nonlinear Algorithms
  • Extending Material Properties to Include Plasticity Effects
  • Creating Contact Interfaces Between Parts
  • Subcase Continuation for Path-Dependent Problems
  • Nonlinear Statics and Nonlinear Geometry
  • Time-Based Loading for Quasi-Static Solutions

Suggested Follow-up Courses
  • HyperStudy Introduction
  • OptiStruct Optimization

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