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Click2Cast for Manufacturing Feasibility

Class Description
This is an introductory course for using Click2Cast for performing manufacturing feasibility analysis, This is a one day training with focus on understanding how to solve problems, the theoretical and practical aspects of these problems are presented to provide the attendees a very good base to start using Click2Cast on their own models.

Class Format
1 day
Presentation and hands-on exercises
One student to a computer

Topics Covered
  1. Introduction
    • Why Click2Cast?
    • Click2Cast 5 steps
    • How does Click2Cast fit into the design process?
    • Demonstration
    • User Interface
  2. Performing Gravity die casting
  3. Wheel Rim Simulation using Low Pressure Die Casting Process
  4. Door Handle Simulation using High Pressure Die Casting Process
  5. Faucet Simulation using Gravity tilt pouring
  6. Appendix: Aditional information
    • What Inputs are required?
    • Results overview: Filling & Solidification

Cost: $400.00
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