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OptiStruct for NVH

NVH Analysis using OptiStruct

This is an intermediate course for using OptiStruct for NVH analysis in the design process. Students will learn Noise, Vibration and Harshness concepts, as well as the tools offered by OptiStruct to deal with such analysis. Practical exercises are included.

Class Format
•2 days
•Instructor led
•Presentation and hands-on exercises
•One student to a computer

HyperMesh Introduction
HyperView Introduction
OptiStruct for Linear Analysis

•Dynamic Analysis Concepts
•Pre-processing for NVH using HyperMesh
•OptiStruct features for EigenSolution Extraction
•Results visualization with HyperMesh and HyperView
•NVH Advanced Diagnostic Solutions
•NVH Optimization

Suggested Follow-up Courses
•HyperMorph Introduction
•HyperStudy Introduction
•OptiStruct Optimization

For information concerning this course contact:

Mexico City, Mexico Click Here

Cost: México- $400.00 US (por día)
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