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BirdStrike Vulnerability

HyperMesh and HyperView Overview for BirdStrike Simulation

This will be a refresher course for pre-/post- topics used in birdstrike simulation. Topics will include Geometry Cleanup, 2D meshing, 3D Meshing, SPH Modeling, Contact Definition, Connectors, Failure, Energy Distribution and others.

RADIOSS for Impact Introduction

This is an introductory course for using RADIOSS to solve a large number of high non-linear dynamics problems, with large displacements, large strains, contact and material non-linearity. This is a two day training with focus on understanding how to solve real problems using a high level finite element solver, the theoretical and practical aspects of these problems are presented to provide the attendees a very good base to start using RADIOSS on their own models.

RADIOSS for Bird Strike Simulation

The Basic training will be followed by a specific training on how Bird Strike Simulation can be performed using RADIOSS with a meshless method called SPH (Smooth Particles Hydrodynamics). The training course will cover :
  • Theoretical background of Smooth Particles Hydrodynamics formulation
  • Modeling best practices for Bird Strike simulation (connection / rivet modeling ; material laws, failure...)
  • Hands on exercises

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