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solidThinking Evolve (3 days)


The objective of the training class is to give the bases of knowledge of solidThinking Evolve, formally known as solidThinking, that is a 3D conceptual design software that empowers designers to swiftly capture their latest sketch or concept with its powerful NURBS modeling, highly intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) and advanced ConstructionTree history.
solidThinking Evolve's Real-time rendering further improves the user's interactive experience during the review and visualization phases of the production workflow.

Class Format & Released Material:
- The training is composed of 3 days
- Instructor led
- Presentation and hands-on exercises
- One student to a computer
- Time table: 9.30 AM – 4PM
- Each participant will receive a USB drive or DVD containing presentations/manuals in pdf format & demo files and an attendance certificate

User Interface and introduction

  • Preferences (units, tolerances, dimensions)
  • Controls
  • Modeling Views
  • Construction Tree
  • World Browser
  • Layers
  • Working Modes
  • Introduction to the tools
  • Introduction to NURBS
2D and 3D Modeling
  • NURBS curves and preferences
  • Curve tools
  • NURBS surfaces and preferences
  • Editing surfaces
  • Surfaces to solids
  • Editing solids
  • Analysis tools
  • 2D drawing basic setup
  • Import / Export
Freeform Modeling and Rendering
  • Introduction to PolyNURBS
  • PolyNURBS creation and editing
  • PolyNURBS + traditional modeling
  • Basic topology reconstruction
  • Introduction to Rendering module
  • Environment and Material basic setup
  • Rendering output setup

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