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RADIOSS For Defense Applications


For Defense Applications

This two day course focuses on defense, homeland security and threat mitigation problems such as:
  • Explosions
  • Blasts
  • Terminal ballistics
    • With or without penetration and/or perforation including damage process in the target
The problems are solved using RADIOSS, the best in class solver for structure analysis under high energy loadings. RADIOSS offers the choice of the most innovative numerical methods including Lagrange, Euler, Arbitrary Lagrange Euler, and Meshless method (Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics - SPH).
With RADIOSS, the analyst is able to take into account the structure behavior, high energy event loadings, source of large deformations, damage and rupture.

The course will cover:

  • The theoretical background necessary to understand the different methods and to make the right choice in terms of simulation for a given event analysis.
  • The modeling techniques using the HyperWorks tools including guidelines on the different available processes including examples.
  • The specific material laws, equations of state and rupture models.
  • The analysis techniques to avoid the simulation pitfalls attached to the different approaches (Lagrange, Euler, SPH,…).

Class Format

  • Duration 2 days (Class duration and topics variable upon request.)
  • Instructor Led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises
  • One student per computer


Background in FEA method, structure behavior, explicit solver, and in defense, homeland security, terrorist threat mitigation techniques

  • Theoretical aspects
    • Numerical algorithms (explicit, implicit)
    • ALE formulations
    • Dedicated solid element types
    • Meshless method (SPH)
    • Material laws
    • Equation Of State
    • Rupture models
    • Boundary conditions
    • Contact treatments
    • SPH/ALE comparison
  • Specific applications
    • Terminal ballistics:
      • Non Penetrating impact
      • Penetrating impact
    • Explosion modeling
    • Underwater explosion
    • Boundary conditions / surface modeling
    • Close field explosion
    • Wave shaped charges
    • Far field explosion
    • Recommendations

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Cost: 800
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