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DSHplus: Getting Started
FLUIDON GmbH and the Altair Partner Alliance are pleased to bring you a set of short getting started videos become better acquainted with the system-level design software, DSHplus.

Online Training: Optimize your hydraulic systems with DSHplus
This basic entrance into fluid power simulation shows and explains the daily work with DSHplus.

Pressure Oscillation Analysis
Pressure and flow ripple in fluid power systems are frequent causes of problems and complaints. In this article, learn how DSHplus is used to simulate hydraulic pressure ripple problems and learn how to analyze and solve the problem. 

Pressure oscillation analysis in low-pressure fuel piping systems
In this article, the cause-effect relationships in low-pressure fuel piping systems and the value of simulation are discussed in a practical use case.

From BIG DATA to Smart Data to Digital Twin
Blog article by Katja Juschka, Head of Marketing and Sales at Fluidon.

Optimization of Oil and Gas Piping Systems with DSHplus
In this webinar ‘RohrLEx’, FLUIDON piping expert, explains the relationship between pressure pulsations and pipeline problems and the advantages in using differently specialized software for this process of optimization. So, he presents both an automatic analysis of pressure pulsations in piping systems with DSHplus and HyperStudy as well as the integration of a control created in Activate.

Solutions for Optimizing Hydraulic Piping Systems
In this webinar, “RohrLEx“, FLUIDON piping expert, explains the relationship between pressure pulsations and pipeline problems and presents the automatic analysis of pressure pulsations in piping systems with DSHplus and HyperStudy.

Case Study: Simulation Ensures Operation of Hydraulic Bridges
Explore the technical challenges of bascule bridges and how modeling hydraulic systems with DSHplus can help ensure safe and efficient operation of these bridges.

Case Study: Simulation of a Moving Soccer Field with DSHplus
The Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany is known for outstanding soccer games. Keeping the field in top condition is a major concern. Check out how FLUIDON's DSHplus and solidThinking Activate were used to simulate moving the field in and out of the stadium to keep it in tip top shape.

RohrLEx's DSHplus Knowledge Base
The RohrLEX Knowlege Base consists of 15 short videos with tips and tricks, consultation and advice on questions related to pressure oscillation problems. All videos are subtitled and do not contain audio.

Case Study: Mobile Applications - Simulation of Counter Balance Valves with DSHplus
Counter balance values are a popular choice for securing cylinders or hydro-motors to keep them from moving due to their own weight or the weight of a load. Lifting devices such as cranes and platforms, hydraulic bridges and industrial machinery all make use of counter balance valves.

Top Use Cases: DSHplus
Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the systems simulation software, DSHplus.

How does a playing field get into the stadium? DSHplus, solidThinking Activate and FMI help!
As in real life with hardware, models of hydraulics and control can be delivered by different suppliers, and have to be put together for a system simulation. This webinar illustrates coupling, through the FMI standard, between hydraulics system simulation in DSHplus and control system design & simulation in solidThinking Activate. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.

Optimization in Designs
When you hear simulation driven design, what benefits come to your mind? Hopefully one of them optimization. Among the biggest benefits of simulation driven design is that you have a chance to optimize the designs before they are finalized. Without simulation, it is nearly impossible to consider optimization in product development. Optimization as a design philosophy is ingrained in Altair’s DNA. This article reflects on HyperStudy working with APA products as they apply to optimization.

Using DSHplus and MotionView-MotionSolve
Installation and usage guide for the interface between DSHplus and MotionSolve.

DSHplus for Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
Informational brochure highlighting how the 1D systems simulation software can be applied in the aerospace industry.

DSHplus Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuator Models for Aerospace Applications
This webinar demonstrates how DSHplus is able to support the general engineering of aircraft hydraulic systems with simulation models at typical system level detail as well as with high-fidelity physical models, which allow a comprehensive performance analysis and which also support simulation driven optimization techniques, to improve the system's performance.

DSHplus Tip: Using a Formula Automatically Calculate a Mass Spring Damper System
This video explains how to apply formulas to automatically calculate a mass spring damper system.

DSHplus for Auto: Identification of Pressure Pulsations in Low Pressure Lines
In this webinar, you will learn how to use DSHplus to gain insight into modeling, simulation and analysis of transmission behavior of fuel line in the low pressure range.

Co-Simulation: DSHplus + MotionSolve
Presentation outlining the multiphysics workflow between DSHplus and MotionSolve.

DSHplus + APA Usage Scenarios
One slide representing different use cases of the systems simulation tool within the APA.

DSHplus to MotionSolve Interface
Overview of the interface between DSHplus and MotionSolve

APA One Page Flyer
One page flyer providing a general overview of the Altair Partner Alliance.

DSHplus User Manual
User manual for DSHplus by FLUIDON, 2012.

FLUIDON Company Brochure
FLUIDON Company Brochure

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