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NovaFlow&Solid Online Tutorials

NovaCast Systems AB is pleased to bring you a free collection of instructions and tutorials to become better acquainted with the software.

Level 1 - Basic NovaFlow&Solid Training

Introductory training for NovaFlow&Solid by NovaCast.

Level 2 - Improve your casting design using NovaFlow&Solid

Mid-level training using NovaFlow&Solid to improve your casting designs.

Level 3 - Advanced NovaFlow&Solid Training

Advanced training for NovaFlow&Solid.

Webinar: Simulation Driven Casting Design

The webinar will present the basic rules of designing castings and how casting process simulation can help you design correct castings. The webinar will show examples on how to improve a casting design, what road map to follow and which parameters are most important. The traditional way of designing is to take the casting process simulation into account at the end just before the production should start, however, this webinar will show why you should do it at the very start of the designing process.

NovaCast - Utilizing the Full Capability of the 6.0 Version

The webinar will provide information about the functionality and potentials using NovaFlow & Solid CV 6.0 and the new functionality in that version. It will be showing both the potential for designers of castings as well as foundry engineers.

Altair HyperWorks | Altair Solutions for Casting Simulation

Altair offers a complete solution for casting simulation benefiting different phases from early product development to final process optimization. Altair’s casting simulation suite of products include Click2Cast which is best suited for early feasibility and defect prediction and NovaFlow&Solid for advanced process validation and optimization. View the webinar to learn more about Altair's casting solutions.

How to Optimize the Thickness of Investment Castings for the Aerospace Industry

During this webinar we will highlight the functionality and potentials using NovaFlow&Solid, specifically for investment casting manufacturing and development of aerospace castings.

Introduction to NovaFlow&Solid - Casting Process Simulation

The webinar is intended that the attendees will learn more about the functionality and potentials using NovaFlow&Solid for Heavy Industry manufacturing and development of the castings. NovaFlow&Solid is a casting process simulation program that we believe is FASTER, EASIER and MORE accurate than the competing softwares.

NovaFlow&Solid Showcase Video

Short introductory video to casting simulation software by NovaCast.

NovaFlow&Solid Foundry Center Demo

Guided tutorial video of the Foundry Center in NovaFlow&Solid.

NovaFlow&Solid Tutorial Video: Basic Functions

General video guiding users through basic functionality of NovaFlow&Solid.

NovaFlow&Solid Tutorial Video: HPD

General guide video for using NovaFlow&Solid HPD.

NovaFlow&Solid CV Tutorial Video: Advanced Import

Advanced tutorial demonstrating proper file import.

NovaFlow&Solid Tutorial Video: Piston Movement Function

Tutorial video specific to using the piston movement function in NovaFlow&Solid.

NovaFlow&Solid Tutorial Video: HPD Cycling

Tutorial video illustrating NovaFlow&Solid HPD Cycling.

Optimized Casting Design with the Help of Casting Process Simulation

NovaFlow&Solid CV is a mold filling and solidification simulation package based on advanced fluid flow and heat transfer theories.

NovaFlow&Solid CV Technical Description and Demo Video

10 minute video about the technical capabilities of NovaFlow&Solid as well as a short demo of the software

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