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Simplify your 3D Models: Use Cases for Automotive Engineering and Simulation
This webinar will cover the latest trends in 3D CAD data optimization and what you will see in the latest version release of CADdoctor.

In automotive engineering and simulation, it is becoming more and more challenging to handle large size 3D models with a high level of detail. This is especially true when sharing 3D models between OEMs and suppliers in the design stage, as well as utilization in downstream processes and manufacturing required file size reduction for sufficient performance and IP (Intellectual Property) protection while maintaining the initial design intent.

In this context, simplification of 3D geometry provides a valuable solution to companies through enveloping, defeaturing and extraction of inner/outer surfaces. Simplification accelerates the creation of simulation models. Using advanced healing technologies, a consistent quality level can be ensured. Furthermore, lightweight 3D models enable the efficient sharing and communication of relevant 3D product information as the storage of redundant and confidential data is avoided. This is an important basis for efficient automotive engineering and simulation in globally distributed development.

Optimizing CAE Data Preparation Processes Using CADdoctor
As the use of 3D data throughout the produce lifecycle broadens, it is ever more essential to prepare high-quality 3D CAD geometry models to streamline the entire simulation process. CADdoctor is a tool to streamline CAD geometry preparation to make the data suitable for the HyperMesh simulation process. This helps to achieve reducing your simulation lead time and improving the accuracy of the simulation result. This presentation will be an introduction to one of the leading software on the Altair Partner Alliance and how this software has been benefitting users throughout the globe.

Introduction to the Newest CADdoctor Release
This webinar will be an overview to illustrate the benefits and use cases of the rich functionalities available in CADdoctor.

The webinar will take you through the newest capabilities and the use cases and we will also feature a general overview of this desktop application for users that are new to the APA and wants to know about the fundamentals of CADdoctor.

This will be a great opportunity to know more about the software and address your issues with your data.

Optimizing Your CAD Geometry with CADdoctor’s Various Enveloping Functionalities
This webinar discusses the benefits and use cases of CADdoctor’s enveloping functionality. It will also introduce the latest polygon optimization functionality.

Elysium Solution Overview Video
An overview video of Elysium solutions and its advantages.

CADdoctor Use Cases for Ideal CAE Data Preparation
This webinar will guide through general functionalities of CADdoctor as well as its applications for streamlining downstream processes utilizing capabilities such as healing, simplification, and reverse engineering.

CADdoctor 7.1 Reverse Engineering Overview Video
Reverse engineering that transforms STL polygon data into b-rep CAD models.

Optimizing Your CAE Data Preparation with HyperMesh and CADdoctor
This webinar will incorporate how CADdoctor has been a flagship product in data translation and optimization by helping users to prepare the best 3D data for their optimal CAE analysis.

CADdoctor 7.0 Release Webinar
Video highlighting new improvements and capabilities included in the latest version of CADdoctor by Elysium.

Introduction to CADdoctor by Elysium
CADdoctor is a software that does 3D data translation and geometry repair and simplification for CAE.

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