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Tolerancing and its Role in Illumination and Nonsequential Optical Design
This guest contribution on the Altair Blog is written by Dave Jacobsen, Senior Application Engineer at Lambda Research Corporation and who is a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.

Biomedical Applications using TracePro
Enhanced life science research and accelerated biomedical product design in a single tool

Designing LED Optical Components using TracePro
Overcome LED component modeling challenges to achieve an optimal result

Light Pipe Design using TracePro
Design intricate light pipes optimized for utility, efficiency, color, and uniformity

Luminaire Design using TracePro
Accelerate time-to-market with optimal lighting designs

Photorealistic Rendering in TracePro
Enhance optical designs with powerful visualization and photorealistic rendering utilities

Solar Collector Design and Analysis using TracePro
Superior solar simulation capabilities make TracePro the ideal tool for analyzing and optimizing solar collectors for both direct and indirect solar contribution

Stray Light Analysis using TracePro
Intuitive interface, enhanced Monte-Carlo simulation, path sorting and powerful utilities, make TracePro an ideal tool for stray light analysis

Backlit Display Design using TracePro
Intuitive interface and powerful analytics make TracePro an ideal tool for backlit display design

TracePro 2D and 3D Optimization
Interactively refine your design to achieve ideal results.

TracePro Brochure
Illumination Design, Analysis, and Optimization Software

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