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DSHplus: Getting Started

FLUIDON GmbH and the Altair Partner Alliance are pleased to bring you a set of short getting started videos become better acquainted with the system-level design software, DSHplus.

Total Materia Online Tutorials

Key to Metals brings you a free online training series to become better acquainted with the software through a series of graduated online courses.

FEMFAT Online Learning

Magna Powertrain and the Altair Partner Alliance are pleased to bring you a free online training series to become better acquainted with the software through a series of graduated online courses. In these self-paced training courses, you will learn how to get started in the following FEMFAT Modules: Basic, Max Channel, Max Transient, Spot Remeshing, Spectral and Heat.

CADdoctor Online Learning

Online Tutorials for CADdoctor, featuring CADdoctor Gap-Filling, Solid Envelope Creation and Mid-Surface Generation. CADdoctor is the ultimate desktop application for 3D data translation among multiple CAD formats, PDQ validation, repair and transformation. It also simplifies the geometry, reduces the data size and generates mid-surfaces for efficient and accurate CAE analysis.

Introduction to nCode DesignLife eLearning Course

This online course is a pre-requisite of technical support from HBM nCode. Submit form on site to receive eLearning materials directly from HBM nCode.

Using HyperStudy and MultiMech for Advanced Composite Material Design

The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate how sensitivity analysis can be used to uncover the “important” features of a composite system, so that material designers can intelligently work to extract (and improve on) the relevant properties. In this webinar we will be using the design exploration techniques found in Altair HyperStudy to perform a multiscale sensitivity analysis on the non-linear behavior of a chopped-fiber composite microstructure (Global Scale) with an embedded nano-silica matrix (Local Scale).

Data discovery and how to seamlessly search, identify, and move material properties data using Total Materia and HyperMesh

An insightful introduction to Total Materia and its recent integration into Altair’s HyperMesh which allows access to the world’s most comprehensive materials database direct from the HyperMesh environment. This webinar will put data discovery in the context of the workflow and demonstrate how to search, identify and move material properties data seamlessly between Total Materia and the material card.

Increase the efficiency of your product development by combining Finite Element (RADIOSS) and Macro Element (Crash Cad Calculate) methods

During the webinar, the potential of combining the well known FE environment with the Macro Element Method will be presented. A common use case showing complementation of RADIOSS and ME solvers will illustrate how such a combination can increase the efficiency of product development.

Webinar: Using VMAP and OptiStruct for modal testing and FEA-test correlation

The webinar will feature VMAP, an experimental modal testing and FEA-Test correlation software product of TechPassion and OptiStruct’s interoperability with VMAP. An unique feature of VMAP is its simple user interface and interoperability designed to meet the needs of both beginners and expert users. In this webinar, we will present an overview of the features and benefits of VMAP.

LOGEresearch Demo

This video shows a ten minute demonstration of how to apply the LOGEresearch catalytic converter simulation.

Optimizing Strain Gauge Placement with LW Finder and HyperMesh

In this webinar, you will learn about how to use LW Finder to optimize strain gauge placement. It will include a background on some of the challenges encountered when using strain gauges to measure structural loads. The webinar will include an example workflow for how to minimize measurement errors when measuring loads applied to a casted bracket. The workflow will use HyperMesh, OptiStruct, and LW Finder. Other pre-processor/Solver combinations will also be discussed.

3D Printing for Innovative Mold Making Combined with Simulation Driven Design Inspiration Push the Limits for High Performance Castings

Bringing design optimization, fatigue analysis, casting, and 3D printing together addresses the challenges of lightweight design and enables the creation of an innovative design and manufacturing process that enhances performance and efficiency.

Global-Local Analysis using StressCheck, HyperMesh and OptiStruct

Global data, in the form of nodal loads generated during structural analyses may be output from Altair's HyperMesh or OptiStruct to represent cut section boundary conditions. This data can then be imported into StressCheck as Total Loads at Points (TLAPs) and applied to boundaries of highly detailed model for computation of local stresses, strains, stress intensity factors, buckling load factors and more.

AlphaCell Online Learning

AlphaCell is a software based on the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM/FTMM) which predicts the vibro-acoustic response of multi-layer systems. These layers can describe porous media, solid materials or the air. Click link below to view online demos and quick start tutorials.

Maple Online Learning

Videos and product demonstrations provided by Maplesoft for their software, Maple. Click link below to view video demos and online tutorials.

MapleSim Online Learning

Videos and product demonstrations provided by Maplesoft for their software, MapleSim. Click link below to view video demos and online tutorials.

SC/Tetra & scSTREAM Online Learning

Link to Software Cradle's Online Learning

How does a playing field get into the stadium? DSHplus, solidThinking Activate and FMI help!

As in real life with hardware, models of hydraulics and control can be delivered by different suppliers, and have to be put together for a system simulation. This webinar illustrates coupling, through the FMI standard, between hydraulics system simulation in DSHplus and control system design & simulation in solidThinking Activate. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.

Introduction to AVL FIRE™ M

AVL FIRE™ M is a multi-domain simulation software, which allows to compute simultaneously non-reacting single phase flows, heat transfer and solid temperatures in systems without moving boundaries. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.

Introduction to AVL EXCITE Acoustics

AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics is a tool for the calculation of sound radiation in free field from vibrating structures such as engines and power units using the Wave Based Technique (WBT).

Matereality-HyperMesh Connectivity: Create CAE Master Material Files for Use in HyperMesh

This webinar will show how Matereality’s Workgroup Material DatabasePro on Altair’s HyperWorks platform brings a hurdle-free interaction with materials information for design engineers. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.

One Source Solution for Short-Fiber-Reinforced Materials in FEA

This webinar shows possibilities to enhance your FE Analysis of fiber-reinforced plastics and explains the best way to extract more reliable information out of your parts. Focusing on the anisotropic material behavior, the workflow will show the mapping of fiber orientation results from Moldex3D onto the FE solver OptiStruct by using Converse. The whole chain will be explained from “what is the main issue with short-fiber-reinforced plastics” to “what effort/benefit ratio can be expected”. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.

A Transfer Function Approach for Computing Acoustic Response During RPM Sweeps

This webinar will feature OptiStruct and Coustyx, presenting a new approach for efficiently calculating the acoustic field during speed sweeps. The TF based approach will result in faster solutions than conventional method. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.


Introductory demonstration video for PICLS, a tool for 2D thermal simulation of printed circuit boards.

CADdoctor 7.0 Release Video

Video highlighting new improvements and capabilities included in the latest version of CADdoctor by Elysium.

Quieter Products Using OptiStruct & AlphaCell: The Right Effort with the Right Tool

This webinar will present the basics of porous material modeling and user key benefits of a combined usage of OptiStruct and AlphaCell. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.

Random Response & Fatigue Optimization in the Frequency Domain

This webinar will show the workflow of frequency based methods for random response and fatigue between MotionSolve, OptiStruct, CAEfatigue VIBRATION, HyperStudy and HyperView. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.

Delivering Enhanced Workflow for Advanced Sizing of Composite Structures

Challenges of composite structures design will be presented along with how these can be tackled using the ESAComp-HyperWorks integration, which extends existing composite specific post-processing capabilities of HyperWorks.

AlphaCell:Tranfer Matrix Method vs Finite Element Method for Sound Transmission Loss Computations

Short technical demo of AlphaCell for NVH analysis.

Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro Showcase Video

Short introduction to the material management software.

Introduction to LOGEengine & LOGEresearch

This webinar introduces users to LOGEengine & LOGEreseearch, 2 CFD products offered to APA users by LOGE AB.

Altair HyperWorks | Altair Solutions for Casting Simulation

Altair offers a complete solution for casting simulation benefiting different phases from early product development to final process optimization. Altair’s casting simulation suite of products include Click2Cast which is best suited for early feasibility and defect prediction and NovaFlow&Solid for advanced process validation and optimization. View the webinar to learn more about Altair's casting solutions.

Altair HyperWorks | Altair Solutions for Injection Molding

The Altair HyperWorks suite of products include tools to map, analyze and optimize the structural performance of injection-molded parts, interfacing directly with products like Moldex3D, a leader in providing the very best CAE injection molding simulation software. With the ability to simulate multiple types of manufacturing processes, Moldex3D gives user the opportunity through simulation to identify potential part defects and validation of part design. Moldex3D is an extremely valuable tool to ensure all aspects of the manufacture process have been optimized before a part actually goes into production. View the webinar to learn more about Altair's molding solutions offering.

DSHplus Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuator Models for Aerospace Applications

This webinar demonstrates how DSHplus is able to support the general engineering of aircraft hydraulic systems with simulation models at typical system level detail as well as with high-fidelity physical models, which allow a comprehensive performance analysis and which also support simulation driven optimization techniques, to improve the system's performance.

Occupant Safety Analysis for Aviation

This webinar demonstrates the use of MADYMO FAA dummies in aviation research on estimating the lumbar load tolerances for the 5th and 95th percentile sizes based on scaling of the FAA Hybrid-III 50th percentile.

CADdoctor Mid-Surface Generation Use Case

Narrated video showing a CADdoctor use case for creating the optimal mid-surface, which became a reality for Mazda Corporation. (Drag the .swf file to your browser to view)

Introduction to Charge by Fieldscale

Charge is the state-of-the-art tool for electric field analysis, detecting dielectric breakdowns, partial discharges and extracting parasitic capacitances.

Introduction to AFDEX by MFRC

AFDEX is a general-purpose metal forming simulator originally dedicated to the analysis of forging process, and it is based on rigid-elasto/thermo/viscoplastic finite element method.

Introduction to KTex Family by CEDREM

KTex Family is a set of tools dedicated to composite materials to represent them precisely at the scale of the yarns and take into account the impact of manufacturing processes on their mechanical properties.

Introduction to LW Finder by LW Engineering

LW Finder takes the guesswork out of strain gauge placement. LW Finder provides accuracy and control when using strain gauges to measure structural loads. It finds the best locations to place strain gauges and predicts measurement error.

How to Optimize the Thickness of Investment Castings for the Aerospace Industry

During this webinar we will highlight the functionality and potentials using NovaFlow&Solid, specifically for investment casting manufacturing and development of aerospace castings.

Introduction to nanoFluidX by FluiDyna

nanoFluidX is a particle-based fluid dynamics simulation tool to predict the flow in complex geometries with complex motion.

Introduction to Insight+ by Brüel & Kjær

Insight+ creates the ability to efficiently consider test and CAE data together to assist engineers in better understanding NVH contributions early in the design process. View this on-demand webinar to learn more.

ESAComp for composite structures design and verification in the Aerospace Industry

This webinar provides an overview on how to use ESAComp to efficiently tackle daily tasks concerning laminate design (incl. handling different environments, strength sets, probabilistic laminate analysis), design of structural elements (e.g. panels), and design verification (application of selected failure criteria and computation of reserve factors or margins of safety).

Fatigue Life Analysis of Aircraft Undercarriage Components

Aircraft landing gears are exposed to a wide range of loading from events that include taxi, takeoff, landing and braking during a flight. To ensure durability of the gear, fatigue analysis must be performed using a load history that is representative of each event that occurs throughout the life of the designed aircraft. This webinar will explain methods to accommodate these generated load histories, as well as post-processing techniques for identifying the most damaging flights, loading events and load pairs. **Please note you will need a login to Altair Connect to view the recording.

Using AlphaCell for Quick & Accurate Sound Package Design in Aerospace

AlphaCell is an accurate solution for predicting the vibro-acoustic performances of sound packages including e.g. poro-elastic materials, perforated plates, visco-elastic materials, studded structures with inner filling, composite materials or materials with embedded inclusions.

Finite Element Analysis of Additively Manufactured Products

With the growing interest in additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry, there is a desire to accurately simulate the behavior of components made by this process. The layer by layer print process appears to create a morphology that is different from that from conventional manufacturing processes.

How to Achieve Better Success rates in Aerospace Projects

In this webinar PTB Analytics, an advanced project planning tool will be presented along with relevant information for how it helps users achieve better project results. A specific use case from the aerospace and defense industry will be used.

3-matic: How Bionic Design Processes and 3D Printing Push the Aerospace Industry into a New Era.

During the webinar, Materialise shows their unique Digital CAD approach for remodeling topologies coming from a topological optimization.

CONVERSE Technical Video and Demo

10 minute technical introduction and demo about CONVERSE.

Using RADIOSS, HyperStudy and MultiMech for Improved Composite Design

The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate how you can use the composite microstructure analysis tools of MultiMech to enhance the existing functionality of RADIOSS , specifically when dealing with the simulation of complex composite parts.

Recent Advances – Vibration Fatigue for Aerospace Systems

This webinar will present the latest advances that have been included in the CAEfatigue VIBRATION product for the analysis and design of aerospace systems.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1 Release Highlights

15 minute overview of CAEfatigue VIBRATION version 2.1 highlights.

CAEfatigue (CFV) Academy

The CFV Academy is an online resource library with over 30 pre-recorded, on-demand videos where users can learn everything they need to know to start using CAEfatigue VIBRATION. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.

Introduction to CADdoctor by Elysium

CADdoctor is a software that does 3D data translation and geometry repair and simplification for CAE.

Introductory Tutorial for Cross Section Creator

Short video overview on how to use Cross Section Creator from Impact Design.

See what's new in Coustyx 4.01

Learn about the latest features and enhancements available in Coustyx 4.01.

Improving Success Rates in Defense Projects using PTB

In this webinar the PTB Analytics, an advanced project planning tool will be presented along with relevant information for how it helps users achieve better project results. A specific use case from the defense industry will be used.

Save your energy with Materialise 3-matic in the after topology optimization process

This webinar focuses on Materialise 3-matic's complimentary position to Altair's topology optimization and illustrates its capabilities on light weight structures design, with a focus on printable design.

Cross Section Creator & CCC – Easy Cross Section Analysis and Optimization for Crash

This webinar introduces users to the newest software from Impact Design, Cross Section Creator (CSC). This new tool, which enriches the functionality and capabilities of Crash Cad Calculator (CCC), provides the possibility of fast and easy extraction of cross sections from a mesh model and consequently closes the optimization and design loop.

From Injection Molding to Mechanical Simulation - Added Value for FEA Through Integrated Solutions with CONVERSE

In this webinar, learn how CONVERSE can be used effectively for electronics and consumer goods made of plastics. FEA is frequently applied, as often these products undergo high mechanical as well as thermal loads a proper strength assessment is decisive.

Introduction to Virfac by GeonX

Virfac® addresses the advanced simulation of welding processes (fusion, friction stir, inertia friction, etc.), heat treatment, surface treatment, carburizing, additive manufacturing and damage tolerance based on the XFEM technology.

High Speed Impact Analysis on Advanced, Lightweight Materials using MultiMech

This 1/2 hour session will offer a brief introduction of the MultiMech software and a detailed training on the modeling and structural analysis of composites experiencing dynamic loads and ballistic impacts

Using Design Profit® MRL to conduct a Manufacturing Readiness Assessment in the Defense Industry

Design Profit® MRL (Manufacturing Readiness Level) provides unparalleled capability to perform a structured, collaborative Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA). Design Profit® MRL exposes risk, rolls up costs and provides direction early at the architecture concept phase.

Aerospace Defense Stress Analysis with StressCheck

Over the past 25 years, ESRD has pioneered and developed an advanced FEA numerical simulation technology that is well-suited for detailed stress analysis of complex parts associated with the aerospace defense industry.

The Unique Thermal Dynamics of Heavy Vehicles

This webinar will discuss the advantages of using ThermoAnalytics' software for the modeling of exhaust systems and engines in heavy vehicles. The webinar will be an in-depth look into thermal modeling processes specific to the heavy vehicle industry.

Fatigue analysis in Heavy Industries - the larger the vehicle the higher the need for endurance on misuse

FEMFAT offers fatigue life prediction (FLP) of all vehicle components (engine, gearbox, chassis, frames, car bodies and structures) and machinery equipment based on Finite Element Analyses (FEA). Additionally to consideration of complex multi-axial loadings an assessment of welding seams as well as spot welds and self piercing rivets in steel and aluminium can be carried out.

Introduction to NovaFlow&Solid - Casting Process Simulation

The webinar is intended that the attendees will learn more about the functionality and potentials using NovaFlow&Solid for Heavy Industry manufacturing and development of the castings. NovaFlow&Solid is a casting process simulation program that we believe is FASTER, EASIER and MORE accurate than the competing softwares.

Vibro-Acoustic Simulations in Heavy Industry

With the help of Coustyx from ANSOL, a powerful fast multipole boundary elements (FMBEM) solver, engineers in the heavy machinery industry can now build intricate models of real life systems and perform vibro-acoustic simulations over a broad frequency range.

Applications in the Simulation of Truck Dynamics using TruckSim

The objectives of the webinar will be to provide users with an introduction to the TruckSim software with enough detail to help them see potential applications for solving vehicle dynamics problems in their enterprise.

Virtual Prototyping and Dynamic Load Analysis in Machine Design

Through the development of virtual prototypes of concepts that capture the dynamics of the system (or systems) early in the design process, machine designers can avoid many issues that often arise during the integration and prototyping stages.

Using AlphaCell for quick & accurate sound package design in Heavy Industry

AlphaCell is an accurate solution for predicting the vibro-acoustic performances of sound packages including e.g. poro-elastic materials, perforated plates, visco-elastic materials, studded structures with inner filling, composite materials or materials with embedded inclusions.

Fatigue of Welds for Heavy Equipment using DesignLife

This webinar will review underlying methodology and approaches in DesignLife for predicting the fatigue life of welds using finite element models consisting of either shell or solid elements. A demonstration will review how DesignLife can be used for predicting fatigue life using a weld definition created by HyperMesh and stress results from OptiStruct. **Please note you will need a login to Altair Connect to view the recording.

Using Design Profit® Custom Math Application to create a cost estimating system.

Design Profit® is a methodology and a process that exposes waste and risk in the product design so engineers can make informed trades to reduce complexity and create elegant designs for downstream stakeholders.

DSHplus for Auto: Identification of Pressure Pulsations in Low Pressure Lines

In this webinar, you will learn how to use DSHplus to gain insight into modeling, simulation and analysis of transmission behavior of fuel line in the low pressure range.

Technical Demo: MADYMO Coupling Assistant

Technical demonstration video showing the usage of the MADYMO Coupling Assistant.

Technical Demo: MADYMO MPP Coupling Solver

Technical demonstration of applying the MADYMO Coupling Solver.

Model-Based Design and Development in Automotive Applications using Maple and MapleSim

This webinar will present a range of comprehensive examples using MapleSim to model complex automotive systems. Specific case studies will include full vehicle modeling, active suspension, stability control, steering and more.

Altair’s Solutions for Full-Vehicle NVH Analysis

An important factor in improving vehicle quality and perception is guided by how vehicles are designed for noise, vibration and harshness, making NVH an important domain for the automotive industry. Altair and its Alliance Partners offer a complete solution for automotive NVH applications. In this 45-minute webinar, we will give an overview of problems faced in the automotive industry for NVH analysis and how HyperWorks and Altair’s Partner technologies help address these issues, providing a complete solution that spans from modeling and assembly to analysis, diagnostic and optimization. Presenters: Jianmin Guan, Director, Vibration and Acoustics Solutions, Altair Vijay Ambarisha, Senior Project Engineer, ANSOL Jerry Manning, President, Cambridge Collaborative Francois-Xavier Becot, Co-manager, Matelys

FEMFAT Webinar: Fatigue Analysis is Everywhere

FEMFAT is applied to mechanical systems in nearly all disciplines involving fatigue aspects. Engineers can follow the results and obtain approval from regulations such as GL Wind Renewables, IIW, Eurocode3 and British Standards.

ESAComp supporting the composite design process in the Automotive Industry

With the automotive industry more and more exploring the capabilities of composite materials, engineers face new challenges throughout the design process. For layered composite structures ESAComp is the right software to help you. This webinar will provide an overview on how to use ESAComp to efficiently tackle daily tasks concerning laminate design towards stiffness or strength criteria, structural elements (e.g. panels), data exchange with HyperWorks and integration into a workflow for optimization.

VMAP for the Automotive Industry - Modal Testing and Correlation Simplified

In this webinar, we will present an overview of the features and benefits of VMAP. In addition, the webinar will feature a case study that shows users how VMAP can be used to solve vibration problems in automotive products during the early design stages and accelerate product development.

CONVERSE – Software for Accurate FE-Simulation of Plastic Automotive Applications

Using the anisotropic material behavior of short fiber reinforced plastics by assigning the fiber orientation and appropriate material behavior to your parts easily. The general procedure and the outcoming benefit will be shown with industrial part examples using the software CONVERSE.

Competitive Advantages in using EFEA for NVH Analysis for Automotive Applications

This webinar will showcase how to use Energy Finite Element Analysis (EFEA) for mid to high frequency noise and vibration simulations.

Designing Composite Components for Automotive

Watch this 45-minute webinar recording to learn the latest advancements in composites design and optimization of carbon fiber composites and mixed material structures in the automotive industry. Capabilities included in Altair HyperWorks as well as third party products available through the Altair Partner Alliance will be illustrated, showing real life examples of application.

Vibro-Acoustic Simulations in the Automotive Industry

In this webinar we will provide an overview of Coustyx its capabilities and benefits. Several applications from the auto industry are also presented.

Crash Cad Calculate for design and optimization of cross sections in a vehicle structure

This webinar will showcase several use cases illustrating the potential of Crash Cad Calculate (CCC) software in design and optimization of cross sections used in various assemblies of a vehicle structure with specific focus on design and optimization routines as well as import – export procedures.

LAP and CoDA: Your tools for composites preliminary analysis and post-processing in Automotive design

This webinar will show how automotive designers can use LAP and CoDA to prepare a laminated plate or structure, examine its behavior under load, overall or layer-by-layer. LAP checks specific points of any laminate, whilst CoDA examines the structure as a whole.

Driving accurate engineering decisions through comprehensive material knowledge with Total Materia

Total Materia provides the world’s most comprehensive material properties database covering over 250,000 metals, plastics, composites and a range of other non-metallic materials. This webinar is designed to help demonstrate how having the right information available at the right time can not only save hours and even days of sourcing but improve information accuracy and help optimize early critical design decisions.

Crash Material Model Parameter Generation and Validation for Ductile Plastics

The Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro solution enabled through the Altair Partner Alliance allows Altair HyperWorks users access to browser-based software to build and maintain productivity enhancing material databases on the same platform that they use for product design. The integration of materials data with CAE tools strengthens the material core of their group’s PLM.

Motorsport to Automotive - Crossing the thought barrier. Using ChassisSim solve your vehicle dynamics problems quickly.

This webinar will cover how you can use ChassisSim to quickly construct a high fidelity multibody vehicle model and use the features of ChassisSim to get the answers you need quickly for both motor sport and automotive use.

NovaFlow&Solid Showcase Video

Short introductory video to casting simulation software by NovaCast.

ChassisSim Shaker Rig Toolbox Demo

Short demonstration video showing what the ChassisSim Shaker Rig Toolbox is and how to apply it.

Introductory Demonstration of How to Design a Race Car Using ChassisSim

Video demonstration of a general race car design in ChassisSim.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION Showcase Video

Short introductory video highlighting strengths and benefits of using CAEfatigue VIBRATION.

Introduction to CAEfatigue VIBRATION: Random Response + Fatigue in the Frequency Domain

Frequency domain analysis is the method of choice for dynamic analysts and CAEfatigue VIBRATION will act like a turbo charger for such methods. This makes it a valuable new tool for durability estimates on large automotive systems and fatigue life calculations for aerospace systems where mixed random and deterministic loads are specified.

Crash Cad Calculate and HyperBeam Demo

Brief demonstration introducing the integration between Crash Cad Calculate and HyperBeam.

ESAComp for Enhancing HyperWorks in Composite Structures Design

The webinar gives an introduction to ESAComp as stand-alone tool, starting with a few success stories and explaining distinct features in a live demo. Special focus is given to the benefits of integrating ESAComp into the composite design workflow within HyperWorks 13.

NovaFlow&Solid Foundry Center Demo

Guided tutorial video of the Foundry Center in NovaFlow&Solid.

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