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Partner Spotlight: ChassisSim
Danny Nowlan, the Owner and Director of ChassisSim Technologies, discusses his MBD software, ChassisSim, which specializes in high performance racing vehicles.

Total Materia Exporter Flyer
One-page flyer about export options with the Total Materia software.

Total Materia + APA Module Introduction
Presentation introducing each module within the APA Total Materia offering and how they interact.

Total Materia + Altair Partner Alliance Flyer
Highlights of how the Total Materia offering interacts within the APA.

Total Materia Extended Range Datasheet
Total Materia Extended Range product datasheet.

Total Materia PolyPLUS Flyer
Total Materia PolyPLUS Datasheet.

ChassisSim Showcase Video
2 minute video introduction to ChassisSim for multibody dynamics analysis.

Total Metals Datasheet
Total Metals product datasheet

Basic Intro to FEMFAT - Webinar Slides
Basic introductory slides to durability and fatigue software, FEMFAT.

Partner Spotlight: MATELYS
Luc Jaouen of MATELYS discusses the Noise, Vibration & Harshness tool, AlphaCell, which specializes in porous materials.

Maple 2016 Datasheet
Overview of benefits and specifications of the mathematics tool from Maplesoft.

AcuNexus Brochure
Short overview of AcuNexus, highlighting benefits and capabilities of the NVH software.

Intro to AcuNexus Presentation
Introduction to CFD software, AcuNexus, and its use of abstract modeling.

Geometry Preparation in AcuNexus
Guide to preparing geometry for use in AcuNexus.

Partner Spotlight: ThermoAnalytics
Craig Makens, Vice President of ThermoAnalytics, shares some interesting details about his company's thermal analysis software, TAITherm.

Matereality WorkGroup Material DatabasePro Tech Spec Sheet
Informational document describing the technical specifications and capabilities of Matereality WorkGroup Material DatabasePro.

Partner Spotlight: Cambridge Collaborative
Q&A with Principle Scientist, Patricia Manning, of Cambridge Collaborative

Coustyx & HyperWorks Datasheet
Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of Coustyx

VMAP & HyperWorks Datasheet
Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of VMAP

Publications That Include EFEA
List of publications with relation to EFEA

Design Profit Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) Brochure
Overview of the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) feature that accompanies Design Profit

Munro & Associates Design Profit Brochure
Basic information and overview of Design Profit from Munro & Associates

Munro Strategic Methods Presentation
Learn the who, what, when, where, how and why of Design Profit.

MultiMechanics and HyperWorks Composites Integration Brochure
A visual description of the interface between MultiMech software and HyperWorks

Partner Spotlight: Sascha Pazour from PART Engineering
Interview with Sascha Pazour from PART Engineering about possible applications, tips and facts about using CONVERSE.

Partner Spotlight: Hakan Fransson from NovaCast
Discussion with Hakan Fransson, CEO of NovaCast, about benefits and uses for casting simulation software NovaFlow&Solid.

DSHplus to MotionSolve Interface
Overview of the interface between DSHplus and MotionSolve

Partner Spotlight: MultiMechanics
Interview with Leandro Castro, Founder of MultiMechanics, and the APA Team about composites software, MultiMech.

APA One Page Flyer
One page flyer providing a general overview of the Altair Partner Alliance.

StressCheck Getting Started Guide
User guide for StressCheck 9.2 for Windows operating system

StressCheck Product Overview
StressCheck data sheet with an overview of modules and functionality

StressCheck ColdWorks Product Brief
StressCheck data sheet with an overview of the ColdWork module's functionality

StressCheck Composites Analysis Product Brief
StressCheck data sheet highlighting its functionality in the areas of composite structure analysis and bonded joints

StressCheck Fracture Mechanics Product Brief
StressCheck data sheet with an overview of the Fracture Mechanics module's functionality

StressCheck Handbook Product Brief
StressCheck data sheet with an overview of the Handbook module's functionality

VMAP Datasheet
VMAP Datasheet from TechPassion

FLUIDON Company Brochure
FLUIDON Company Brochure

APA Brochure
General overview of the Altair Partner Alliance, including short descriptions of each partner product.

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