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Software Cradle Product Brochure
Software Cradle Product Brochure

Santos®: Additional Product Info
This zip file includes information on the following; The Santos Approach, Arms Force Field, Muscle Elongation for Head-Neck Analysis, Internal Viscera and Skeletal Structures, Motion Capture, and Multi-Scale Modeling for Injury Prevention.

About SantosHuman Inc. (SHI)
Founded in 2008, SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) provides virtual human performance simulation
solutions to some of the most recognizable Global companies in the World...

About Santos® Pro
The Santos® Pro environment provides access to the only comprehensive approach to predicting human performance at a level of fidelity required for truly human-centric virtual design...

AFDEX metal forming simulator
A brief video clip to AFDEX metal forming simulator by MFRC.
(no sound)

LAP Product Datasheet
Laminate Analysis Program (LAP) Product Datasheet from Anaglyph

CoDA Product Datasheet
Component Design Analysis (CoDA) Datasheet from Anaglyph

Partner Spotlight: PDTec
Albrecht Pfaff, Head of Sales & Marketing at PDTec, discusses simulation data management (SDM) software, SimData Manager.

Partner Spotlight: ESRD - StressCheck
Brent Lancaster, Principal Support Engineer, discusses finite element analysis (FEA) software, StressCheck.

ProteusDS Brochure
Short document explaining the features and applications of ProteusDS.

ShipMo3D Brochure
Short document explaining the features and applications of ShipMo3D.

SimData Manager Product Sheet
Informational product sheet for SimData Manager from PDTec AG.

SimData Manager Brochure
Informational brochure about SimData Manager from PDTec AG.

AFDEX Leads the Way in Forging Innovation
This paper highlights a few of the many innovations AFDEX has contributed to in the bearing industry, green initiatives and reduction in development time.

XLDyn Quality Tools
Introduction to some of XLDyn's top capabilities for model based system modeling.

Top Use Cases: Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro
Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the material management software from Matereality.

Altair Offers Flexibility and Enhancement for Casting Process Design and Optimization
The goal of the project outlined in this paper is to get the optimal gating system (size and position of ingate) to help avoid porosity and other common defects in the produced parts, achieving the final design to begin casting the component.

Matereality-HyperWorks Connectivity and Enhancement: New CAE Modeler for RADIOSS
This brief tutorial introduces the new connectivity between Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro and RADIOSS.

Partner Spotlight: MFRC
Dr. Man-Soo Joun, President of MFRC, discusses forging and metal forming simulation software, AFDEX, which is available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Partner Spotlight: LOGE
Cathleen Perlman, CTO of LOGE AB, discusses chemical combustion and CFD simulation tools, LOGEsoft and LOGEengine, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Insight+ User Guide
This user guide provides typical workflows, demo examples, and release notes.

AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics Brochure
Product description for AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics

AVL FIRE™ M Brochure
Product description for AVL FIRE™ M

Using DSHplus and MotionView-MotionSolve
Installation and usage guide for the interface between DSHplus and MotionSolve.

Partner Spotlight: LW Engineering
Shea Wilson, Co-Founder of LW Engineering Software AB, discusses strain gauge placement software, LW Finder, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Optimization in Designs
When you hear simulation driven design, what benefits come to your mind? Hopefully one of them optimization. Among the biggest benefits of simulation driven design is that you have a chance to optimize the designs before they are finalized. Without simulation, it is nearly impossible to consider optimization in product development. Optimization as a design philosophy is ingrained in Altair’s DNA. This article reflects on HyperStudy working with APA products as they apply to optimization.

PICLS Brochure
One page introduction to PICLS, a new tool from Software Cradle for real-time thermal simulation of printed circuit boards.

CAD Toolbox by Maplesoft Brochure
With the new MapleSim CAD Toolbox, you can see how your mechanical CAD models will behave as part of a larger, multidomain system, and apply MapleSim’s advanced analysis tools to improve your designs.

KTex Family for Defense
Composite simulation is a hot topic among defense, safety and security companies. Many issues are still unanswered. CEDREM and KTex Family can help address these concerns.

Get into High Gear with Altair’s Optimized Race Car Brake Pedal
See how 3-matic was used by Altair to create a break model with complex free-form structures that are strong and light.

Partner Spotlight: Fieldscale
Vasso Kalaitzidou, Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director at Fieldscale, discusses electrostatic simulation software, Charge, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

DSHplus for Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
Informational brochure highlighting how the 1D systems simulation software can be applied in the aerospace industry.

Random Response & Fatigue Optimization in the Frequency Domain
In this paper, application of frequency based methods for random response and fatigue optimization is demonstrated on an automotive full body system. The process followed uses MotionSolve generated body loads and OptiStruct stress results as input to a CAEfatigue VIBRATION analysis. This process is executed from HyperStudy for optimization and the results produced are then post processed in HyperView. Using the process outlined, it is feasible to achieve considerable weight reduction while maintaining desired fatigue life.

Matereality Tip: The Many Ways to Fill in a Gap in Your Materials Information Core
Quick tips to help you get started with Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro.

Growth in 2015 & Continued Improvement in 2016
Looking back to 2015, we had a record number of new partners launched in the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) covering a broad range of application domains. This document provides a summary as well as what to look for from the APA in 2016.

Fieldscale Insulator Analysis
High voltage transmission lines are used worldwide for the transmission of electrical energy. Learn how Fieldscale Charge can help with simulating these phenomena.

Total Materia for the Automotive Industry
Key to Metals AG is the developer of Total Materia, the world’s most comprehensive materials database including the standard Total Materia data set of linear material properties and also our unique collection of advanced property data which provides stress-strain curves, formability diagrams, fatigue data, and more for thousands of materials and is designed to save time and money through intelligent search methods and enhance the depth and quality of information required for CAE and FEA analysis.

Virtual Durability Process: Bringing Together MBD, FE and Fatigue
Simulation is indispensable within any product development organization. We at Altair believe this outright and you see that in the vision statement from our CEO, to radically change the way organizations design products and make decisions. Simulation driven design is applied at different stages of development, from concept stage to the final design tuning and validation. Optimization is an integral part of it, so your starting point is an optimal design.

Partner Spotlight: Brüel & Kjær
Alun Crewe, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Brüel & Kjær, discusses NVH testing software, Insight+, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Technological Superiority in Multi-Domain Physical Modeling and Simulation
Learn more about how MapleSim is uniquely designed to handle sophisticated systems to minimize your development time and costs.

Battery Design Innovation: It's All About the Mathematics
The field of energy storage is extremely active with a constant stream of innovations being deployed to address some major design challenges. At the heart of this activity is the commercial drive to increase energy density (energy stored per unit mass), extend battery life and improve overall charge/discharge efficiencies in order to reduce unit costs and enhance product reliability. While great progress has been made in the last decade, certain industries still have a long way to go.

Changing Face of Robotics
Robotic technology has improved dramatically in the past decade, and applications are getting more exciting as well. Robots are cool again, and for engineers, designing the new generation of robots is one of the most exciting types of projects. While the prior generations stunned the world by sending men to the moon in the 1960s, this generation will soon make a robot dance better than Michael Jackson using new engineering and scientific techniques that empower and fuel the rapid pace of innovation within the modern robotics community. In the end, what was once the stuff of science fiction seems to be within reach for the engineering community.

Transmission Modeling and Simulation with MapleSim
Maplesoft has developed a MapleSim library of components, transmission sub-assemblies, and complete powertrain examples that show the use of these components in driveline applications. Built with guidance from several transmission manufacturers, this MapleSim library allows you to mix the best of physical models and empirical data to maximize model fidelity, optimize your designs, and improve overall vehicle fuel-efficiency.

Fieldscale Charge Brochure
One page overview of the electrostatic simulation software, Charge, from Fieldscale.

KTEX Family Brochure
This brochure is a very high-level introduction to the KTEX Family.

LW Finder Flyer
Introduction to strain gauge placement software, LW Finder by LW Engineering.

Partner Spotlight: ECS/Magna - FEMFAT
Axel Werkhausen, Manager of Sales & Support at ECS, discusses durability analysis software, FEMFAT, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Product Description: Insight+
Detailed product overview of NVH testing software, Insight+ (also known as CAE Auditioner and Insight from Bruel & Kjaer).

Insight+ Tutorial: CAE Auditioner
Detailed demonstration of implementing the CAE Auditioner functionality in Insight+.

Bruel & Kjaer Whitepaper: Designing the Sound Experience with NVH Simulation
Creating the perfect vehicle sound is a critical challenge that needs to be addressed in order to produce the highest quality product. Insight+ offers many capabilities to help achieve this.

Auralisation and Evaluation of Test and NVH Director Data with Insight+
Learn about how to make the best use of Test and CAE NVH data using Insight+.

NovaFlow&Solid CV Use Case: Heavy Machinery
NovaFlow&Solid CV (NFS), from NovaCast, is a casting process simulation system that can simulate virtually any type of casting. NFS simulates casting components used in the heavy machinery industry, regardless of if they are small or big, simple or complex.

StressCheck Use Case: Aerospace
Aerospace application example of how to apply StressCheck to compute maximum first principal stress in the area of airplane wing attachments.

Engineering the Design Process for 3D Printing
3D printing is gripping the engineering community with large mass appeal. With a confluence of many factors like aggressive marketing, advancements in manufacturing processes, willingness and bold initiatives to reduce weight, the adoption phase has clearly crossed the chasm from early adopters to an early majority.

MapleSim to VisSim
Rapid physical modeling, analysis and model deployment to VisSim.

AlphaCell for Aerospace: Design, Optimize and Understand Your NVH Treatment
For optimizing the sound packages in project early stages, the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM) as implemented in AlphaCell is a reliable method.

Materials and Material Management
When simulation results don't make sense, what checks do you perform? Besides the modeling aspects of loads and boundary conditions, mesh sizes, right formulations, etc., the most often overlooked cause of problems is the wrong assignment of materials and properties in a solver input deck. In the midst of running many simulations it is so easy to modify values that users forget that what they intended for a part is not what is being analyzed. Identifying the correct material values and assigning them is such a crucial step in your analysis that any mistake can compromise the results and design decisions you make based on simulation.

Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro and HyperWorks Connectivity
Description and tutorial about the connection between Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro and HyperWorks.

Matereality Tip: Create CAE Master Material Files for use in HyperWorks
Quick guide to creating material files in Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro that are compatible with HyperWorks.

Partner Spotlight: Elysium
Mr. Kentaro Fukuta, General Manager of Global Business at Elysium, discusses 3D geometry healing and translation software, CADdoctor, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

DSHplus Tip: Using a Formula Automatically Calculate a Mass Spring Damper System
This video explains how to apply formulas to automatically calculate a mass spring damper system.

Maplesoft Aerospace Datasheet
Overview of Maple and MapleSim's capabilities in relation to the aerospace industry.

Maplesoft Control Design Datasheet
Overview of Maple and MapleSim's capabilities specific for control design.

Maplesoft HEV Datasheet
Overview of Maple and MapleSim's capabilities for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

CADdoctor Brochure
Short document explaining the features and functionalities of CADdoctor, a 3D Geometry Healing and Translation software application.

Intro to the CADdoctor Midsurface Module
Introduction to the CADdoctor Midsurface function enhancement.

Intro to the CADdoctor Polygon Extension
Introduction to the Polygon Extension function enhancement for CADdoctor.

Intro to the CADdoctor Geometry Simplification Module
Introduction to the Geometry Simplification function enhancement for CADdoctor.

Intro to the CADdoctor Verification Module
Introduction the the geometry verification function enhancement for CADdoctor.

Elysium Company Introduction
Introduction presentation and company profile for Elysium, developer of CADdoctor.

Intro to CADdoctor Presentation
Presentation introducing CADdoctor, software for 3D geometry healing, simplification and verification, as well as data translation.

Project Team Builder for the Aerospace and Defense Industry
Every year numerous defense projects are finished late, over budget or are outright cancelled. Project managers and systems engineers lack the tools and techniques to support collaborative decisions making. See how SandboxModel can help.

MADYMO Aerospace Use Case
MADYMO from TASS International delivers multibody occupant models in a finite element environment to analyze and improve seat layout and seat design with the aim to maximize passenger capacity without the need for costly testing. Each new seat layout requires demonstration to prove no head impact conditions exist or that any head impacts result in HIC values below 1000, traditionally accomplished through testing. Testing for head impact conditions for each new seat layout is costly and is often significantly reduced by using MADYMO in support of or in lieu of testing.

AlphaCell Tip: Generate Input Impedance Data to Use in OptiStruct
AlphaCell offers several bridges to HyperWorks and APA solutions. In particular, AlphaCell's default output format contains impedance data needed in OptiStruct to model frequency dependent porous absorbers. Learn how to take advantage of this feature in this document.

Matereality Tip: Use the 'Share' Functionality So Everyone is on the Same Page
Share your view with colleagues, so they see what you see! Send them the exact link by clicking Share in the left column. Soon, you and your colleague are on the same page! Take a snap shot of the plot to add to your report by clicking the camera icon on top of the graph!

Fatigue, Composites & Optimization: Themes for Partner Presentations at the Americas Altair Technology Conference
Americas ATC 2015 had one of the highest attendance in history, with about 750+ users in a span of 3 days attending workshops and presentations. Close to half the number of partners from the APA were present to interact with customers and showcase their technologies. Sridhar highlights the key points covered in the presentations.

Partner Spotlight: HBM-nCode
Mr. Chris Lewis, Global Partner Manager at HBM-nCode, discusses durability and fatigue software, DesignLife, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

From Manufacturing to Design Validation
The Altair Partner Alliance's Technical Director reflects on proper design validation when it comes to fiber reinforced plastics.

Materialise 3-matic & solidThinking INSPIRE Tutorial
Designing with Inspire/3-matic for Additive Manufacturing.

Fluid Structure Coupling in OptiStruct and AlphaCell
Case study demonstrating a fluid structure coupling between OptiStruct and AlphaCell in a simple car model.

Partner Spotlight: CAEfatigue
Dr. Neil Bishop, Chief Executive Officer at CAEfatigue Limited, discusses Random Response Durability Analysis software, CAEfatigue VIBRATION, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION for Aerospace
One page flyer pointing out CAEfatigue VIBRATION's specific features, workflows and examples for the aerospace industry.

CONVERSE and OptiStruct Tutorial
This tutorial explains how to apply mapping abilities in CONVERSE to a finite element model in OptiStruct using the fiber orientation generated by an injection analysis Moldflow (.pat and .ele files).

CAEfatigue SAE Paper
Technical paper discussing advances relating to fatigue calculations for combined random and deterministic loads.

CAEfatigue Technical Paper for UK NAFEMS
Whitepaper discussing fatigue calculations for multi-input random and deterministic loads in frequency domain.

CAEfatigue Technical Paper for US NAFEMS
Whitepaper discussing improved methods of frequency domain fatigue calculations for automotive systems.

CAEfatigue Presentation Addressing Time v. Frequency Domain Analysis for Large Automotive Systems
Presentation covering development and application of time and frequency domain analysis in the automotive industry.

Advanced NovaFlow&Solid Training Presentation
Presentation explaining, in detail, how to apply NovaFlow&Solid for casting simulation.

NovaFlow&Solid HPD Step by Step Guide
Introductory guide for use of NovaFlow&Solid CV HPD.

AlphaCell Flyer
Overview of key features and benefits of using AlphaCell to solve NVH problems.

DOE Study Using HyperStudy and MADYMO
This tutorial outlines how to set up a DOE study in HyperStudy using Madymo as a solver.

Creating an Optimization Study Using HyperStudy and MADYMO
This tutorial illustrates how to setup an optimization study that combines MADYMO/Workspace Objective Rating with Hyperstudy.

Partner Spotlight: Materialise
Lieve Boeykens, Brand Manager at Materialise, discusses Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimization software, Materialise 3-matic, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Use Casting Simulation to Optimize Product Design, Quality and Material Strength in the Production of Castings
Hakan Fransson, from NovaCast Systems expands upon how casting simulation can help optimize designs for production.

ChassisSim Datasheet
Brief introduction and overview brochure to MDB Analysis technology, ChassisSim.

Coustyx Datasheet
Overview of Coustyx by ANSOL, used for NVH analysis.

Customer Initiated Developments in FEMFAT
Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG has a very long tradition in helping automotive OEMs in developing parts for their passenger cars, trucks, farm tractors, railways, and even some aeronautic vehicles. This article highlights some of these projects which have led to innovation and have become unique to FEMFAT.

Co-Simulation: DSHplus + MotionSolve
Presentation outlining the multiphysics workflow between DSHplus and MotionSolve.

MultiMechanics Datasheet
General information about composites software from MultiMechanics.

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