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ultraFluidX Brochure

ultraFluidX is a simulation tool for ultra-fast prediction of the aerodynamic properties of passenger and heavy-duty vehicles as well as for the evaluation of building and environmental aerodynamics.

Mooring and Load Analysis Services & Software for Naval Architecture

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. works extensively with naval architecture firms to predict the motion of vessels and platforms. These seakeeping studies help to improve performance and validate design requirements.

RAMDO Brochure

RAMDO increases the reliability and robustness of optimized designs while significantly reducing the time and limited computer resources needed to accurately solve multidisciplinary design problems.

About VSim for Plasma Acceleration

VSim for Plasma Acceleration offers you the algorithms necessary to handle accurate modeling of complex plasma acceleration simulations, along with efficient parallel capability for large-scale computations.

About VSim for Microwave Devices

VSim for Microwave Devices includes a full suite of electromagnetic and particle modeling features for magnetrons, klystrons, gyrotrons, traveling-wave-tubes, and similar devices.

VSim 8 Features

Electromagnetics, Particle, and Plasma High-Performance Application.

About VSim for Basic Simulations

VSim for Basic Simulations is an educational product forlearning the basics of electromagnetics and plasma physics.

About VSim for Electromagnetics

No matter what your electromagnetic modeling requirements,from antenna design to photonics to semiconductors, VSim for Electromagnetics is the economical simulation tool with an easy learning curve for decreasing your time from design to device manufacture.

About VSim Plasma Discharges

Instead of fluid-based simulations, for the first time ever you can perform numerically efficient kinetic simulation of arbitrary pressure gas discharges. With VSim for Plasma Discharges, you’ll have the ability to solve full-size problems including R-Z geometry.

Partner Spotlight: Phoenix Integration

James W. Mullins, Vice President of Operations, discusses model-based engineering framework software, ModelCenter®, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Optenni Lab Brochure

A brief overview of the Optenni Lab software solution.

"The Future of Making" Excerpt - P&G Uses Consumer Hand Simulation in Product Design

SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) and P&G have collaborated on the development of a sophisticated predictive hand grasp model that continues since 2012 and Prof. Wujec's book features Lauren Banzhaf and her ground breaking work at P&G. An excerpt from "The Future of Making", by Tom Wujec, covering the work Procter & Gamble is doing with the Santos® Predictive Hand Model is now available for free download here. Special thanks to the publishers, Melcher Media; Autodesk Fellow, Tom Wujec; and Procter & Gamble; for providing this high-quality excerpt and the permission to make it available free of charge. "The Future of Making", by Tom Wujec can be purchased at: https://www.autodesk.com/future-of-making-things/hardcopy-book

CosiMate Brochure

A brief overview of the platform for multi-physics co-simulation, CosiMate.

CES Selector Product Datasheet

Enabling smart material choices.

What's New in Materialise 3-matic 12.1

Highlights and new features in the latest release of 3-matic from Materialise.

Why Choose ProteusDS?

ProteusDS benefits and customer testimonials

ProteusDS for Tidal Energy

An overview of the software and services DSA provides for the Tidal Energy sector.

LOGEengine Brochure

Overview of LOGEengine's features and capabilities.

LOGEresearch Brochure

Overview of LOGEresearch's features and capabilities.

AVL CRUISE™ M Brochure

Product description for AVL CRUISE™ M

Release Notes: LOGEengine 3.0

Release highlights for LOGEengine 3.0.

Partner Spotlight: FluiDyna

Milos Stanic, Ph.D., Product Manager of nanoFluidX, discusses particle-based fluid dynamics simulation software, nanoFluidX, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Partner Spotlight: GeonX

Laurent D'Alvise, CEO and Co-founder, discusses manufacturing process simulation software, Virfac®, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

AFDEX 17R00 Release Notes

Latest features included in AFDEX 17R00 by MFRC.

How to Solve 8 Tough Ocean Engineering Problems with Dynamic Analysis

Many engineers think of dynamic analysis as being required for analyzing risers and moorings in the offshore industry. But dynamic analysis is used in many other marine sectors.

Partner Spotlight: Matereality

Adam Beckwith, Software Product Manager, discusses material management software, Workgroup Material DatabasePro, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

The Amphyon ASAP Principle

Assessment, Simulation, Adaption, Process

Simulation Aided Additive Manufacturing

An overview presentation on using simulation software for additive manufacturing.

StressCheck Installation Guide

Installation guide for StressCheck 10.3

SC/Tetra Version 13.0 Release Notes

Release notes for the latest version of SC/Tetra from Software Cradle.

EFEA & HyperWorks Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of EFEA

SEAM Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of SEAM

AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of AVL EXCITE Acousitcs.

Partner Spotlight: Maplesoft

Laurent Bernardin, COO, discusses design and analysis software, Maple and MapleSim, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Materialise 3-matic Tutorial: Remodeling Topology Optimized Mesh

Detailed tutorial of topology optimization using 3-matic, including visualization, surface manipulations of raw topology data, re-design, and exporting to FEA/CAD.

About Materialise 3-matic: Modules

Outline of 3-matic modules for topology optimization and additive manufacturing.

Using HyperMesh and Materialise 3-matic

This presentation highlights the workflow of applying the interface between HyperMesh and 3-matic.

Materialise 3-matic Lightweight Structures Module

Materialise 3-matic allows you to create 3D printable internal and external structures that add extra strength, provide cushioning, increase porosity, or simply reduce the weight of your design.

Topology Optimization Flyer

Flyer introducing topology optimization with Materialise 3-matic.

Sense Brochure

Meet Sense, the fastest touch sensor design tool in the world.

Release Notes: MapleSim 2016.2

The MapleSimTM 2016.2 family of products includes significant enhancements in the areas of model development and toolchain connectivity.

MapleSim 2016 Datasheet

Description of benefits and features included in the latest version of MapleSim.

Partner Spotlight: Anaglyph

Dr. George Kretsis, Managing Director, discusses composite design and analysis software, LAP and CoDA, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Software Cradle Product Brochure

Software Cradle Product Brochure

Coustyx User's Manual

User manual for Coustyx 4.02

Virfac Release Notes 1.4.1

New features and enhancements included in the latest version of Virfac from GeonX.

Santos®: Additional Product Info

This zip file includes information on the following; The Santos Approach, Arms Force Field, Muscle Elongation for Head-Neck Analysis, Internal Viscera and Skeletal Structures, Motion Capture, and Multi-Scale Modeling for Injury Prevention.

About SantosHuman Inc. (SHI)

Founded in 2008, SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) provides virtual human performance simulation solutions to some of the most recognizable Global companies in the World...

About Santos® Pro

The Santos® Pro environment provides access to the only comprehensive approach to predicting human performance at a level of fidelity required for truly human-centric virtual design...

Partner Spotlight: FLUIDON

Ronald Kett, Managing Director at FLUIDON, discusses fluid power simulation software, DSHplus, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

LAP Product Datasheet

Laminate Analysis Program (LAP) Product Datasheet from Anaglyph

Release Notes: KTex Family 2.0

Major enhancements included in the latest version of KTex Family.

Partner Spotlight: PDTec

Albrecht Pfaff, Head of Sales & Marketing at PDTec, discusses simulation data management (SDM) software, SimData Manager.

Partner Spotlight: ESRD - StressCheck

Brent Lancaster, Principal Support Engineer, discusses finite element analysis (FEA) software, StressCheck.

TAITherm 12.2.0 Release Notes

Latest features included in TAITherm 12.2.0 by ThermoAnalytics.

ProteusDS Brochure

Short document explaining the features and applications of ProteusDS.

ShipMo3D Brochure

Short document explaining the features and applications of ShipMo3D.

SimData Manager Product Sheet

Informational product sheet for SimData Manager from PDTec AG.

SimData Manager Brochure

Informational brochure about SimData Manager from PDTec AG.

XLDyn 1.3.0 Installation Guide

In-depth guide for installing the latest version of XLDyn from XLDyn, LLC.

AFDEX Leads the Way in Forging Innovation

This paper highlights a few of the many innovations AFDEX has contributed to in the bearing industry, green initiatives and reduction in development time.

XL1D Product Brief

Short presentation introducing the XL1D module of the model based system engineering software XLDyn.

XLSE Product Brief

Short presentation introducing the XLSE module of the model based system engineering software XLDyn.

XLDyn Company Brief

This flyer provides background and a brief introduction to XLDyn and its software.

XLDyn Quality Tools

Introduction to some of XLDyn's top capabilities for model based system modeling.

Top Use Cases: Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the material management software from Matereality.

NovaFlow&Solid High Pressure Die Casting Technical Specifications

This document provides an overview of the of the necessary requirements to successfully run NovaFlow&Solid 6.0 for high pressure die casting.

NovaFlow&Solid Gravity Casting Technical Specifications

This document provides an overview of the of the necessary requirements to successfully run NovaFlow&Solid 6.0 for gravity casting.

NovaStress Brochure

NovaStress is an add on program to NovaFlow&Solid that calculates the stresses which occur in the casting during solidification and cooling down of the material.

NovaFlow&Solid Brochure

Brochure showcasing gravity casting and high pressure die casting simulation software NovaFlow&Solid.

Altair Offers Flexibility and Enhancement for Casting Process Design and Optimization

The goal of the project outlined in this paper is to get the optimal gating system (size and position of ingate) to help avoid porosity and other common defects in the produced parts, achieving the final design to begin casting the component.

Matereality-HyperWorks Connectivity and Enhancement: New CAE Modeler for RADIOSS

This brief tutorial introduces the new connectivity between Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro and RADIOSS.

Partner Spotlight: MFRC

Dr. Man-Soo Joun, President of MFRC, discusses forging and metal forming simulation software, AFDEX, which is available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

LOGEresearch Release Notes

Learn about the newest improvements and capabilities included in LOGEresearch 1.08.

APA for Offshore

Flyer highlighting some of the main areas in the offshore industry addressed by APA partner products.

Partner Spotlight: LOGE

Cathleen Perlman, CTO of LOGE AB, discusses chemical combustion and CFD simulation tools, LOGEsoft and LOGEengine, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Insight+ User Guide

This user guide provides typical workflows, demo examples, and release notes.

AVL FIRE™ M Brochure

Product description for AVL FIRE™ M

AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics Brochure

Product description for AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics

APA for Manufacturing

Flyer highlights the APA products and the manufacturing capabilities covered.

Optimization in Designs

When you hear simulation driven design, what benefits come to your mind? Hopefully one of them optimization. Among the biggest benefits of simulation driven design is that you have a chance to optimize the designs before they are finalized. Without simulation, it is nearly impossible to consider optimization in product development. Optimization as a design philosophy is ingrained in Altair’s DNA. This article reflects on HyperStudy working with APA products as they apply to optimization.

Using DSHplus and MotionView-MotionSolve

Installation and usage guide for the interface between DSHplus and MotionSolve.

Partner Spotlight: LW Engineering

Shea Wilson, Co-Founder of LW Engineering Software AB, discusses strain gauge placement software, LW Finder, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

KTex Family for Defense

Composite simulation is a hot topic among defense, safety and security companies. Many issues are still unanswered. CEDREM and KTex Family can help address these concerns.

PICLS Brochure

One page introduction to PICLS, a new tool from Software Cradle for real-time thermal simulation of printed circuit boards.

CAD Toolbox by Maplesoft Brochure

With the new MapleSim CAD Toolbox, you can see how your mechanical CAD models will behave as part of a larger, multidomain system, and apply MapleSim’s advanced analysis tools to improve your designs.

CAD Toolbox by Maplesoft: Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will build a slider-crank mechanism from a .step file by performing the following tasks: - Import the CAD drawing - Group parts into a sub-assembly - Add Coords and then import the CAD subsystems into MapleSim - Build the slider-crank - Simulate the model

nanoFluidX Product Brochure

Introduction to nanoFluidX, a particle-based fluid dynamics simulation tool to predict the flow in complex geometries with complex motion.

Random Response & Fatigue Optimization in the Frequency Domain

In this paper, application of frequency based methods for random response and fatigue optimization is demonstrated on an automotive full body system. The process followed uses MotionSolve generated body loads and OptiStruct stress results as input to a CAEfatigue VIBRATION analysis. This process is executed from HyperStudy for optimization and the results produced are then post processed in HyperView. Using the process outlined, it is feasible to achieve considerable weight reduction while maintaining desired fatigue life.

Matereality Tip: The Many Ways to Fill in a Gap in Your Materials Information Core

Quick tips to help you get started with Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro.

DSHplus for Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

Informational brochure highlighting how the 1D systems simulation software can be applied in the aerospace industry.

Partner Spotlight: Fieldscale

Vasso Kalaitzidou, Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director at Fieldscale, discusses electrostatic simulation software, Charge, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

BikeSim 2016.1 Release Notes

Latest features included in BikeSim 2016.1 by Mechanical Simulation.

CarSim 2016.2 Release Notes

Latest features and enhancements in CarSim by Mechanical Simulation.

Growth in 2015 & Continued Improvement in 2016

Looking back to 2015, we had a record number of new partners launched in the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) covering a broad range of application domains. This document provides a summary as well as what to look for from the APA in 2016.

TruckSim 2016.2 Release Notes

Latest features and enhancements included in TruckSim from Mechanical Simulation.

APA for the Defense Industry

Altair’s comprehensive array of software for the defense sector is continuously growing with the addition of Altair Partner Alliance (APA) tools, expanding HyperWorks capabilities in occupant safety, manufacturing, electromagnetics and many more. The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HyperWorks Units with little or no incremental cost, under one simple licensing model.

Partner Spotlight: Brüel & Kjær

Alun Crewe, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Brüel & Kjær, discusses NVH testing software, Insight+, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Fieldscale Charge Brochure

One page overview of the electrostatic simulation software, Charge, from Fieldscale.

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