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Accelerate Your Product to Market with Simulated Testing

Introducing Altair's Startup Program

On Thursday, August 2nd at 1:30pm ET, we will be hosting a short 30-minute webinar to introduce you to our engineering software program designed explicitly for startup companies focused on hardware and connectivity.

What’s included in the program?

  1. Save 80% on Altair HyperWorks software

  2. Receive 16 hours of consultation with our engineering experts for free

  3. Two free connected devices

  4. A broad suite of simulation technology including:

    1. Structural analysis, implicit/explicit nonlinear, fatigue, NVH (noise, vibrations & harshness)

    2. Electromagnetics - such as antenna design

    3. Thermal and fluid dynamics

    4. Multi-scale and multiphysics capabilities

  5. Also includes IoT capabilities:

    1. Easily connect any M2M sensors and devices or Edge Gateways to the internet

    2. Cloud data analytics platform for embedded systems, Big Data, and IoT applications

    3. Connect systems and equipment with cloud-based monitoring & control services to help organizations improve performance, conserve resources, and cut operational costs.

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