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ATCx OptiStruct 2018

The latest capabilities and advancements in simulation-driven design

Recognized as the pioneer and leading technology for structural optimization, OptiStruct has evolved over the past 25 years into a modern, single-solver solution for both linear and nonlinear analysis and optimization.

On September 27th, OptiStruct users will present the latest capabilities and advancements in simulation-driven design methods for noise and vibration, durability and fatigue solutions. In addition, Altair experts will showcase the unique OptiStruct development workflow which allows a baseline model to be analyzed and optimized for various criteria within one solver, in one format, with just one license.

Multidisciplinary optimization and Multiphysics analysis involving combinations of physical phenomena for structures, fluids, temperature, multibody systems, acoustics, controls, hydraulics, and electromagnetics solutions can all be coupled with OptiStruct to design complex products in a cost-efficient and timely manner. To better showcase these coupling techniques, we will host interactive workshop sessions throughout the conference.

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