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2017 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas & Propagation

Symposium on Antennas & Radio

FEKO is a comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) code used widely in the telecommunications, automobile, space and defense industries.

About IEEE International Symposium on Antennas & Propagation
This year’s program will include a wide range of technical sessions, workshops, and short courses, as well as exhibits. It will also have a range of specific activities for students and young professionals. This meeting is intended to be the premier international forum for the exchange of ideas on state-of-the-art research in antennas, propagation, electromagnetic engineering, and radio science. Through a range of technical and social activities, it will provide the opportunity to interact with the world's leading experts in antennas and propagation from academia, industry, and government.

FEKO team will present the following papers at IEEE APS Symposium:

1. Optimal Numerical Analysis of Electronically-Steered Arrays Onboard Electrically-Large Platforms, Derek Campbell and C. J. Reddy (Session WE-SP-2A)
2. Tri-Band Circularly Polarized Single Layer Patch Antenna for GPS Receivers, Aseim Elfrgani and C.J. Reddy (Session: WE-UB-3A)
3. Beam Scanning Enabled Massive MIMO for the Realization of Futuristic 5G Technologies, Gopinath Gampala and C.J. Reddy (Session: TH-SP-1P)

Come visit FEKO at booth 31 & 33!!

San Diego, CA

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