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Automotive Industry Webinar Series - Presented by HyperWorks

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The automotive industry has emerged from a time of turmoil with a renewed focus on cost and timing pressures and greater concentration on exciting consumers with innovative products.

To create safer, more reliable and desirable vehicles, faster, the OEMs and their supply chain are not just using simulation to validate, but to design, study and optimize their products. This requires applying CAE earlier, in the concept stage, broader, with multi-disciplinary considerations, and later, right through the engineering release process. Factors that are changing the perception of CAE’s role in product development and reducing non-value added tasks include advanced process automation, evolving collaboration tools and the increased availability of high performance computing resources.

Automotive Webinar Sessions

Innovative Strategies In Automotive Industry
   Wednesday, February 16th - 10:00 AM EST
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This webinar will discuss this broad topic and how new technologies can enable engineers create better cars and trucks. This is the first of a five part webinar series that will describe how Altair and HyperWorks can help companies address increasing vehicle complexity, regulatory and safety obligations and satisfy consumer requirements.

Automotive Closures Webinar
   Wednesday, March 2nd - 10:00 AM EST
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Automotive closures are a focus for innovation and vehicle weight reduction. This webinar will discuss how CAE can assist engineers to find solutions for many closure design issues.

From the creation of reduced effort closures and latches to the development of mechatronic systems for glass guidance, Multi-body dynamics technology offers an efficient solution. Combined with CAE automation it can deliver a repeatable process that does not require users to learn complicated tools.

With about a quarter of the BIW weight residing in the doors the application of optimization technology can provide significant returns. Whether reducing the mass of metallic components or driving the design of an integrated plastic carrier, topology and topography techniques are a proven way to reduce raw materials and vehicle fuel consumption.

This webinar will demonstrate strategies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce risks through the application of CAE.
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Optimizing Vehicle Suspension Design
   Wednesday, March 9th - 10:00 AM EST
   Completed - View Recording

The design of a vehicle suspension, although often propelled by CAE, is both initiated and concluded subjectively on a proving ground. Translating the requirements of the market into targets that can drive simulation activity is just one step in the process.

Simulation technology aims to improve overall product quality, reduce the time to market and assist engineering innovation. This requires not just integration with other CAE tools but also with non MBD engineers and test methodologies.

This webinar will present a holistic approach to the design and analysis of vehicle suspensions drawing on the latest CAE methods, industry experience and physical testing.
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Advanced NVH Simulation Techniques
   Wednesday, March 16th - 10:00 AM EST
   Completed - View Recording
From overall vehicle refinement to individual component development, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) can differentiate a vehicle in the market and shape a customer’s perception of the brand. Improving NVH characteristics throughout the product development process with the latest methods and tools creates a competitive advantage.

This webinar will describe the creation of a fully integrated tool to automate the ‘mechanical’ NVH tasks, reduce modeling, solution and problem diagnosis times. By taking advantage of CAE technology it is possible to improve the NVH characteristics through root cause diagnostics, design optimization and stochastic modeling.

The goal of this webinar is to free engineer’s time from non-value added tasks and allow to them to focus on optimizing product design and performance for a vehicle’s “invisible feature”.

Improving Vehicle Crash & Safety Performance
   Wednesday, March 23rd - 10:00 AM EST
   Completed - View Recording
Improving vehicle crash performance is a major challenge in the automobile industry today. Merely achieving regulatory compliance is no-longer competitive. This webinar will discuss how new advances in CAE can accelerate this process.

Although companies are already using simulation to perform virtual validation of crash models there is greater opportunity for improving development efficiency through a simulation driven design approach.
Constructing and simulating a full vehicle crash model can be a time consuming, tedious process with many opportunities for error. This webinar will discuss methods to dramatically speed the process of generating a crash model while maintaining and even improving result accuracy.

This webinar will demonstrate strategies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce risks through the application of CAE.

10:00 a.m. EST - Innovative Strategies In Automotive Industry
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10:00 a.m. EST - Automotive Closures Webinar
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10:00 a.m. EST - Optimizing Vehicle Suspension Design
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10:00 a.m. EST - Advanced NVH Simulation Techniques
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10:00 a.m. EST - Improving Vehicle Crash & Safety Performance
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