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HyperWorks 10.0 Rollout Webinar Series

HyperWorks 10.0
Rollout Webinar Series

Powerful New Solver Capabilities and
Technology Innovations

Our goal at Altair has always been to provide the best technology at the highest value to our customers, and this release is no exception.

HyperWorks 10.0 builds upon the breadth of solver solutions and computation speed of RADIOSS, launches several first-to-market design optimization advancements, introduces a new mathematical analysis software technology, and extends its market leadership position in modeling and visualization technologies.

Attend one of our FREE 40 minute webinars to:
  • Learn how HyperWorks can improve your simulation efficiency and accuracy
  • Explore newly launched CAE technologies and advancements to drive design innovation
  • Discover the broad range of analysis solutions HyperWorks offers for greater design insight and decision-making

Topics & Dates

FEA Modeling - 1 (HyperMesh)

  • Streamlined, flexible and intuitive graphical user interface
  • New and enhanced browsers
  • Modeling browser
  • Optimization browser
  • Connector improvements
  • New morphing capabilities
  • 1D element visualization

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

FEA Modeling – 2 (HyperMesh)

  • Improved geometry manipulation
  • CAD translators
  • Mesh flow(highly controlled quality meshing)
  • Shrink wrap meshing
  • Guided and interactive tetrameshing process toolset
  • Interactive solid map meshing

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

Post-processing (HyperView, HyperGraph & HyperView Player)

  • Performance and usability improvements
  • Envelope tracing
  • Composite Ply-based Results Post-Processing
  • Streamlines for CFD post-processing
  • Quick model and results query
  • Report template parameter browser
  • Tip-to-tail plotting within polar plots
  • Improved integration with Microsoft Office

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

Multi-body Dynamics Simulation (MotionView & MotionSolve)


  • Browser driven modeling
  • Expanded suspension library
  • Enhanced “check model” utility
  • Graphical user interface improvements


  • Co-simulation with Simulink
  • SDF Calculations
  • Solver customization
  • New subroutine building utility
  • General and Mate constraints

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

HyperMath - New Product! - New Mathematical Analysis Technology

  • Powerful and Flexible Programming Language
  • Comprehensive Math and Utility Libraries
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Interfacing
  • Direct Interfaces to HyperWorks Products

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

Concept Design and Optimization (OptiStruct & HyperStudy)


  • Fatigue Optimization
  • MBD System Level Optimization
  • Acoustic Response Optimization
  • Thermo–mechanical Optimization
  • Random Response Optimization
  • Geometry Recovery
  • Optimization Browser

  • Reliability-Based Design Optimization
  • Data Mining and Post-processing
  • Evaluation and Rating
  • New study template editor

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

Finite Element Analysis Solver(RADIOSS)

  • Contacts
  • Noise and Vibration analysis
  • Solver performance
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Composites support
  • Enhanced Fluid-Structure Interaction

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

Sheet Metal Forming (HyperForm)

  • Graphical user interface improvements
  • Browser guided user processes
  • Incremental solver improvements (RADIOSS)
  • Enhanced Blank nesting and fitting
  • Die Module Autobinder
  • Die Stress Analysis & Die Optimization

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

Crash & Safety Modeling (HyperCrash)

  • Enhanced browsers – consistent with all HyperWorks products
  • Streamlined GUI for enhanced usability
  • Speed and performance improvements
  • Improved Model Quality & Error Checking
  • New Dummy Positioner Module
  • Powerful Data Query

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

Extrusion Simulation (HyperXtrude)

  • Plate Meshing Wizard
  • CFD Tetra Meshing
  • User defined Functions/Subroutines
  • Tool Deflection using RADIOSS

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

Optimized Designs for CATIA V5 Community (HyperShape/CATIA)

  • Concept Design through Thickness Modification
  • Composites Concept Design and Optimization
  • Design Interpretation
  • New Post-processing Capabilities

    Completed - Click Here to View Recording

FEA Modeling -1 (HyperMesh)
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COMPLETED - FEA Modeling – 2 (HyperMesh)
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COMPLETED - Post-processing (HyperView, HyperGraph, HyperGraph3D & HyperView Player)
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COMPLETED - Multibody Dynamics (MotionView & MotionSolve)
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COMPLETED - HyperMath - New Mathematical Analysis Technology
View Recording

COMPLETED - Concept Design and Optimization (OptiStruct & HyperStudy)
View Recording

COMPLETED - Finite Element Solver (RADIOSS)
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COMPLETED - Sheet Metal Forming (HyperForm)
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COMPLETED - Crash Modeling (HyperCrash)
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COMPLETED - Extrusion Simulation (HyperXtrude)
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