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About HyperWorks

The Most Comprehensive, Open-architecture Simulation Platform


Solutions for Every Stage of Product Development

Altair HyperWorks offers solutions for all engineers ‐ from model-based systems design and early geometry ideation, to detailed multiphysics simulation and optimization. HyperWorks enables simulation driven design, with the physics-based design solutions to deliver the complex products your customers demand.

Industry Leading Optimization and Physics Workflows

Altair has been the industry leader for generative design software for over two decades. HyperWorks optimizes structures, mechanisms, composites and additive manufactured parts. Regardless of how your product is produced, HyperWorks can enhance creativity by proposing designs that are as manufacturable as they are efficient and innovative.

Shared User Experience

Your designers, engineers and CAE specialists can now work within a single intuitive and consistent user-experience. Each release of the HyperWorks platform provides more tools that deliver class-leading workflows employing this same user-interface.

Tools for Both Experts and Part-time Analysts

The suite’s broad workflow implementations enable design engineers and part-time analysts to drive more of your product design with optimization. Simulation experts can draw upon the advanced features of HyperWorks including multiphysics simulations of interacting structural, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic and fluid behavior.

Save Money

HyperWorks stretches your software dollar through a patented, value-based license management system called HyperWorks Units, which allows metered usage of the entire suite of products. This value-based licensing model has been extended to partners’ products, providing a dynamic and on-demand platform which now also includes cloud-based solutions.


When you sign up for HyperWorks, you become eligible to download our entire suite of Altair Partner Alliance solutions. We have revolutionized the way you obtain software by eliminating the hurdles that prevent you from getting what you need. So at virtually no extra cost, your team can access a growing library of solutions that complement our own technology using a single pool of recyclable units.

"If we didn’t have HyperWorks, our jobs would be much harder, and there would be a lot more guesswork involved without substance to back it up and solve some many of the potential issues we analyze."


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Reducing the weight of aircraft engines at Honeywell Aerospace LG Electronics performs smartphone drop test simulation in less than 24 hours with new automated approach NASA develops wireless sensors to detect lightning strike damage to composite aircraft Nippon Sharyo uses AcuSolve simulation to make Japan’s bullet trains safer, more comfortable Driving a structurally efficient design for the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier Developing ultra-lightweight, high performance road bikes with Rolo RUAG designs a topologically optimized and 3D printed component on its way into space Making Africa a sought after science destination with cutting edge technology, design and innovation
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