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Internet of Things Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to be the 4th industrial revolution, and a strong differentiator for many industries moving into the future. Most enterprises will look for solutions and assistance to digitize their products and services.

Altair's Solutions for IoT: Shaping the Future of Smart Product Design Whether you're designing cars or robots, or any mechatronic system in between, development time is tight, products are complex, and you've got multiple applications to consider.

White Paper: How to Digitalize Effectively for IoT Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to mature and organisations across many sectors are facing the challenges of scaling up from small, trial deployments and proof of concepts into mainstream, high volume consumer deployments. Read More
Altair's scalable and comprehensive design platform will be the key for simulation driven innovation, allowing for the acceleration and implementation of competitive IoT solutions. Whether your objective is to design smarter products, develop an optimized communication network or implement a business intelligence platform, Altair is your partner, providing you with the tools to create better products faster.

Altair offers solutions to simplify design complexity, help accelerate your growth in developing new services, whilst at the same time, improving productivity, increasing flexibility and product customization, ensuring your global efficiency is optimized.

“As connectivity and intelligence become part of almost everything with which we interact, Altair’s tools for multidisciplinary simulation and development will become increasingly important in helping product designers create outstanding user experiences.”

–James R. Scapa
Founder, Chairman and CEO, Altair Engineering


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Sensor design using Flux™ Contactless energy transfer and electromagnetic vibrating harvesting energy studies using Flux™ Actuator performance optimization study using Flux™ Performance Evaluation using solidThinking Activate™ system simulator for smart manufacturing application solidThinking Embed™ efficient environment to quickly develop virtual prototypes of any dynamic system PCB EMC analysis for ZigBee application using FEKO® Prediction of received power for the gateway node using WinProp™ RFID tag reader on forklift in warehouse environment - FEKO™
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Design Efficiently

Altair offers the design community efficient collaborative simulation solutions to expertly implement their digitization strategy. Our revolutionary licensing model facilitates easy access to our trusted multi-domains, scalable and collaborative technology that is powerful and flexible.

Equipped with the best technology in early design stages, engineers will be able to address typical IoT design challenges such as:

  • Advanced sensing and actuating functions

    • Flux® – Electromagnetic and electric simulation

    • OptiStruct® – Mechanical & acoustic performance analysis

    • AcuSolve® – Thermal studies

    • solidThinking Activate™ – Model-based development for connected devices and complex systems, motion drive & control

    • solidThinking Activate™ cosimulation with MotionSolve® and other tools – Mechatronics development of sensors / actuators devices connected to multibody systems, including feedback loops

  • Cutting-edge energy management

  • Interconnections with seamless connectivity

    • FEKO® – Antenna design & placement

  • Miniaturization, while remaining competitively priced and reliable, even in harsh environments

Connect & Manage

Connect, Communicate, Manage and Trust in your Generated Big Data

Integrating M2M (Machine To Machine) in an industrial network requires optimal communication means analysis – especially for distributed smart autonomous devices - including network planning and wave propagation studies, which will remain reliable once installed.

  • Depending on the application and environmental constraints, Altair offer solutions – according to protocols and networks technologies - to analyze connectivity, define best sensors networks, path losses, probability of failure of nodes, etc.

    • WinProp™ – Signal propagation and network planning

    • solidThinking Activate™ – Model-based development for connected devices and complex systems

  • The IoT chain performance can be increased with quick modeling and simulation of end-to-end communication systems, and enabling radiations exposure safety studies.

    • FEKO – Radiation emission and immunity performance, EMC regulations

Control & Decide

Develop Your Value Proposition

Exponential growth of smart devices generating big data requires adaptable tools to efficiently extract useful and valuable insights, and at the same time allow you to make those necessary decisions which have a big impact on efficiency, productivity, costs, and safety.

Classical functions such as aggregation, storage, data visualization and dash boarding are important aspects of any IoT platform related to the activity of the connected devices. It is also essential to easily drill down into historical activity details.

Our scalable and constantly evolving cloud based solutions can be employed to predict device failures and to prescribe preventive actions based on sensor data patterns.

Flexible, intuitive and collaborative yet powerful and secure, our BI platform is the key to transforming your business model and user experience.

Strategic Industries

Whether we’re talking about the factory of the future, the energy complete value-adding chain or new trends of mobility, any industry can take advantage of simulation driven design to develop intelligent solutions and face tomorrow’s market challenge.

Complementary Solutions

FEKO FEKO is an electromagnetic analysis software suite allowing users to solve a range of electromagnetic problems in realistic operating environments. Overview Video | Learn More
Flux Flux is a finite element software application used for electromagnetic and thermal physics simulations, both in 2D and 3D Learn More
solidThinking Activate solidThinking Activate model based development enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers to model, simulate and optimize hybrid systems. Learn More

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