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HyperGraph New Features

What's new with HyperGraph 2017 ? Video coming soon.
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  • Exceptional big data management lets you comfortably handle thousands of curves

  • Improved report generation

  • Improved solver interfaces and support for new formats

  • New option to Measure and Plot marker distance in MediaView


  • Manage filtering for very large databases through the context menu of the Entity Editor. Combine filters via Boolean operations. Review previous searches through a drop menu.

  • Isolate filtered curves per window, page or entire session.

  • Drag and drop curves in the plot browser. Reorder one or more curves in a plot window, or move curves to a new window or page.

PowerPoint Publishing

  • Export tables into PowerPoint. Previously tables exported as images.

  • Define image properties via parameters such as scale factor, resolution or aspect ratio.

  • PowerPoint supports the EMF (Enhanced Metadata File) format enabling the export of 2D plots as vector graphics that won’t lose resolution when resized.

  • Access API’s for all publishing features.


  • Reposition Markers.

  • Measure the dynamic distance between markers, and plot the distance in real units.

  • Edit brightness, contrast, fast gamma and edge enhancement.


  • New ASCII files NODOUTHF and ELOUTHF supported for LS-DYNA.

  • DSPCon DATX files supported.

  • Improved unit scaling for RADIOSS T01 files.

  • PamCrash interface: ERF 2015 files and gzipped THP files supported.

  • Export of ISO MME files added.


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Drag and drop of curves across windows and pages Additional page properties allow for more options when filtering Isolate and Isolate only helps reviewing single curves in a huge database
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