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HyperForm New Features

What's new with HyperForm 2017 ? Watch the video to see an overview of the new solidThinking Click2Form.

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Introducing solidThinking Click2Form

With HyperWorks 2017 Altair introduces solidThinking Click2Form, a sheet metal forming simulation software that enables users to optimize their products for manufacturing, with the consideration of early formability, material utilization and cost. Evaluating feasibility within seconds is possible with the industry leading one-step inverse simulation technology. In addition to providing the users with areas of possible failure due to tearing and thinning, Click2Form has comprehensive blank utilization capabilities that provides optimal blank shape including the best layout for blank nesting and the associated material cost.

Learn more at solidthinking.com/click2form


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Intuitive dialogues for forming setup Minimizing scrap metal with blank nesting Tube bending Hot stamping
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