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FEKO is a comprehensive 3D electromagnetic simulation software suite based on state of the art CEM methods that enable users to solve wide range of EM problems such as antenna design, antenna arrays, antenna placement, RFID, RCS, radomes, pattern synthesis with characteristic mode analysis, EMC/EMI, lightning and cable analysis, Bio-electromagnetics, etc. FEKO offers wide range of EM solvers in one package, both rigorous (MoM/MLFMM, FEM, FDTD) and asymptotic (PO, RL-GO, UTD). This Training is designed mainly for beginners who would like to learn more about all the capabilities of tool including the applicability and limitations of various solvers. The training includes in-depth instructions in the pre-processing and solver interface, CADFEKO and the post-processing interface, POSTFEKO. Following introduction to basic principles, attendees have ample time to use software under the guidance of our instructors. The training will have hands-on examples using the latest version of FEKO.

Course Format
  • 3 day
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises
  • One student to a computer

Day-1: (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

Attendees will be introduced to the FEKO software suite and it’s workflow, followed by hands-on examples covering the important GUI features like transformations on geometries, defining ports and excitations, project management through multiple-configurations, adaptive mesh refinement, etc.

Day-2: (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

After getting familiarity with the user interface on Day-1, attendees will be eased into the full-wave solvers like MoM, FEM and FDTD. The usefulness and the advanced features available under these solvers will be explained with hands-on examples.

Day-3: (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

The final day of the training class will be geared towards the Asymptotic methods in FEKO. Some extremely useful utilities like Optimization, Cable analysis, Time analysis, Non-radiating networks, etc. will be covered as well with hands-on examples.

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Cost: $1,000 US ($500 for academic attendees and students)
Upcoming Dates
January 9-11, 2018
Troy, MI English
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