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Altair Partner Alliance Events

Show Name Date(s) Location
Introduction to Santos® Pro Concepts, Conventions, and Techniques 1/1/2017-12/31/2017 On-Demand Training Santos®
StressCheck Basic Web-Based Training plus Linear Elasticity 1/1/2017-12/31/2017 On-Demand Training StressCheck
StressCheck Advanced Web-Based Training in Fracture Mechanics 1/1/2017-12/31/2017 On-Demand Training StressCheck
CONVERSE Fundamentals Training 1/1/2017-12/31/2017 On-Demand Training CONVERSE
Predictive Simulation Approach for Quenching Heat Treatment Optimization Using AVL FIRE™ M 10/24/2017 10:00 am EDT AVL FIRE™ M
Introduction to CES Selector by Granta Design 10/25/2017 10:00 am EDT CES Selector
2 Years of FEMFAT User Meetings - More than 60 Presentation about FEMFAT 10/31/2017 10:00 am EDT FEMFAT
How to Protect Populations with the Help of KTex Family and HUByx 11/2/2017 10:00 am EDT HUByx
The Calculating Engineer 11/7/2017 10:00 am EST Maple
Complete Simulation of Forging Process Using AFDEX 11/9/2017 10:00 am EST AFDEX
Solutions for Optimizing Hydraulic Piping Systems 11/16/2017 10:00 am EST DSHplus
ATCx Nordic 11/28/2017 Gothenburg, Sweden NovaFlow&Solid
nanoFluidX Training 11/28/2017 Munich, Germany nanoFluidX
Simulation Driven Casting Design 12/12/2017 10:00 am EST NovaFlow&Solid

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